3 Ways that Jewelry can have a Powerful Impact on your Outfit

I am going to start this post with a full disclosure: jewelry is often a second thought for me - when I'm getting ready, I am always more worried about my shoes! With that being said, I'm sure you have your "thing" - whether you love jewelry, shoes, only necklaces or your a ring hoarder - each piece has a powerful impact on your outfit. Kathy is always making sure that she has the jewelry on that will give her outfit the most powerful impact and I have certainly learned from her.

Impact that Jewelry has on an Outfit

Now, how can jewelry have a powerful impact on your outfit?

Transform from Casual to Dressy - Let's say it is Sunday & your girls want to head to brunch - but you're exhausted from the night before. Obviously, at this point, the thought of dressing up is very daunting - so what do you do? Boyfriend jeans scream comfort & of course some sort of loose top, whether it is a t-shirt, button down or blouse, will look great with the jeans - but is that really dressy enough for brunch? Now is where you will find that adding a necklace will bring this outfit from drab to fab in less than 10 seconds! And you can still wear flats! P.S.: In the pic above, I'm wearing the necklace all the way to the right!

Add a Simplistic Touch - There is nothing better than some minimalistic accessories - jewelry doesn't always have to be big & chunky. A simple tennis bracelet or thin ring can bring a lot to an, otherwise, over the top outfit. Think of Kim Kardashian, post-Paris robbery, she still wears some over the top outfits, but her simplistic jewelry adds just the right amount of femininity to her looks! So, grab your fave fringe skirt and embellished top and add some simple jewels, and now you are set for your Saturday night out!

Transform from Basic to Trendy - When you think of trendy jewelry, what do you think of? Chokers, ear cuffs, stacked rings? Jewelry has certainly never been more trendy than it is now - there are so many fab options to even dress up your sweats! Let's say you're home all day and all you're wearing is a pair of sweats and a cropped top and your friends are begging you to come out for some drinks. Since you have been comfortable all day, changing is out of the question. The only way to impact this outfit is to add some jewelry to it! Test out a solid colored choker (think black, natural or white) and an ear cuff. Pick the one that you like best & now your lounge outfit is your drinks outfit!

Whether you are like me and are a little more conservative when it comes to your jewels or you are like Kathy & don't have an issue adding jewelry to your outfit, we have a secret for you! We have just discovered Rocksbox - a subscription jewelry service! Basically, for $21 a month, you receive 3 pieces of jewelry. You can either give them back or pay for the ones that you want to keep - the best part is that, every month, you receive $21 towards the purchase of the jewelry. So, basically you get your monthly fee back! it's a win-win situation for everyone! If you want to try it out, we have teamed up with Rocksbox to offer you your first month for FREE - you just pop this code: thesophisticatoxoxo while checking out and you are good to go!

Live fab, repeat! XO, Rebecca

The Impact Jewelry has on an Outfit

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