5 Types of Toxic People you Should Stay Away From

We live in a time when there are inspirational posts all over the internet. Whether you find one on Thought Catalogue, BuzzFeed or even here - there are certainly no shortage of them. You may or may not realize this, but most of the time, the key to your happiness is to surround yourself with positive, non-toxic people. Sometimes the most toxic people are actually the ones that you soon realize you're the closest to and that's okay. Here is my request from you: read this post with an open mind and then give yourself a chance to reflect on it - who is toxic in your life?

Toxic Person Type #1: The Gossip Queen

You probably interact with this person multiple times a day and don't even realize it. The gossip queen will always look to talk about others and their clothes, cars, money and anything else that that person may or may not have. This person always knows what is going on and would never hesitate when telling you what he or she really thinks of your other friends. The gossip queen thrives off of juicy stories, so nothing you tell this person is safe. 

Toxic Person Type #2: The "Woe is me" Person

This person will make sure that you are always aware when something is arye in his or her life. This person will also make a habit of bringing you down with him or her. No matter how hard you try, eventually, you will be brought down with this person since all he or she does is whine, complain or think something is wrong with his or her life. This person will turn anything into a negative. 

Toxic Person Type #3: The Party Pooper

This person is also an extremely negative person. He or she will find something wrong with anything - if you go out with this person, he or she will most likely act as the Little Red Riding Hood of the group. "This bar is too hot, this bar is too crowded, the crowd at this bar sucks" - he or she will find something wrong with every place you try to go to. This person makes it hard to enjoy a night out or even a low key dinner: "This is too salty, the bread isn't warm, the seat isn't...". Every time you spend time with this person you will spend more time trying to convince him or her to let it go and have fun than you will actually enjoying yourself.

Toxic Person Type #4: The Know-it-All

No body likes a know-it-all and right behind the gossip queen, this is probably the second person that you unknowingly associate yourself with. This person always assumes that he or she knows what is right and what is wrong and will never let you have any say in anything because they always have to have the last word. Your biggest mistake is thinking that you can win an argument with this person - even if you are right. You will constantly be on the defensive with this person and that is no way to spend your time. 

Toxic Person Type #5: The "Yes" Person

This person will always agree with you - even if he or she doesn't actually agree. This person strives to be on everyone's good side, which means that he or she will say what will keep him or her there no matter what the situation. To your face, this person may tell you that you made a great decision, but the next day when someone else brings up this decision and says how he or she disagrees with it, the "yes" person will agree with that person. With this person, you will never know what he or she is actually thinking and he or she will turn on you faster than any of the other people on this list.

Who is who?

It is important to know that out of the five people we just discussed, one or two will always be in your life - it is almost uncontrollable. It is up to you, though, to realize who is who in your life and act on it. This could mean not telling the gossip queen your deepest secrets or not having a political conversation with the know-it-all or not asking the "yes" person for advice. These people can be in your life, but at an arm's length. The more you stay away from the toxic people in your life, the more enjoyable your life will be. Remember, the only person who truly has your best interest at heart is, YOU!

Live fab, repeat! XO, Rebecca

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