Essentials for a Weekend Trip

Summer vacations are over, which means that fall trips have begun. For me, the major difference between summer vacations and fall trips is that fall trips tend to be shorter - more like a weekend getaway. This can be true for many reasons: you spent a month away during the summer, your office has its busiest time during the fall, or you prefer to enjoy the weather changes right where you live. For any reason, you may take shorter (more frequent trips) during the fall months, which means that you may have to pack smarter (and smaller). I know that no matter how hard I try, I always find myself overpacking & hauling things around that I didn't need to bring. Helloooo to numb hands, juggling more bags than I can carry, and pulling a suitcase that weighs double my weight. Read on for my essentials for a weekend trip for all different types of weekend getaways - happy traveling! 

Essentials for a weekend trip: Island Getaway 

Living up in the northeast, I have a love-hate relationship with fall. I love how beautiful the foliage is and there are so many fun things to do in the fall, but I also look forward to a short trip to a warmer climate. This can be anywhere from Miami, Florida to San Diego, California to a Caribbean island. So, what, exactly would you pack in a carry-on for a four-day weekend getaway? 

Essentials for a Weekend Trip

Besides the things you need for your day to day, all you need are the above items for your island getaway. Switching things up with a rompermidi dress, and jumpsuit will give you some of the best options for your evening festivities - mix and match with two pairs of shoes to complete each look. For day time, all you need is one pair of sandals, a cover up, a fedora, and a few swimsuits. With so many different swimsuit styles out there, I picked a few to inspire.  

Essentials for a weekend trip: Small Town Getaway 

There are countless small towns within the USA and abroad that you can visit for a weekend - one of my favorites near New York City is Warwick, NY. No matter where you live, there will be a small town waiting for your visit. Most of these getaways are within car distance, which lets you pack more than you would be able to if you took a carry-on on a flight. Let's break down what weekend getaway essentials you should be packing for a trip to your favorite small town. 

Essentials for a Weekend Trip

One of the things that I look forward to most when visiting a small town is that it gives me a chance to flaunt some of my favorite casual pieces. One of the main ideas you have to remember when packing for a small town jaunt, is that your outfit can easily go from touring during the day to drinks at night. With so many fab sneakers out there, definitely take this opportunity to bring a pair for your heavier walking days...don't forget a pair of flats and a pair of heels for any other activities. Bringing two different denim choices, along with some casual, but cute tops will give you all of the options that you need for your trip. Don't forget a jacket to layer with and if you're going on a hike, some workout clothes are necessary. 

Essentials for a weekend trip: City Getaway 

Living so close to New York City, I have actually spent countless weekends enjoying everything the Big Apple has to offer - there is nothing more enjoyable than staying in a hotel & enjoying the city life for a few days. I have also spent weekends in Boston, Philadelphia, and Providence - there is so much to do in the northeast. Whether you need to take a jet to your city destination or you can enjoy a drive - packing for your city getaway won't vary too much. 

Essentials for a Weekend Trip

You may have noticed that I have used some of the same items for this getaway as the small town getaway. Both of these trips are similar in nature, except city nights mean for some dressier outfits. You are still using a carry-on bag, so don't use the dressier nights as your excuse to overpack. All you need are a few nighttime tops, in addition to two pairs of jeans, and a jacket to layer with. For the daytime tourist hours, grab a couple of casual tops to layer under the jacket that you brought. To pull together your outfits, you just need one pair of heels and one pair of flats. A trip like this may become very easy to overpack for, but don't let that get the best of you - make it a point to only use a carry-on.  

Something to remember as you are packing for your weekend getaway, is that if you are going on multiple getaways, you can mix and match some of these pieces - you will notice that I used some of the same pieces to show you that this can be done. 

If you are still unsure of where to go this fall, I rounded up some of the top fall getaway destinations to help you choose a location...and now you don't have to worry about packing either! 

Essentials for a Weekend Trip