Event Planning in Athens Greece-5 Reasons Why We Love Happy Events

Summer time is definitley high season for events and event planning. Weddings, baptisms, cocktail parties and themed events seem to happening almost every single day during the summertime, especially here in Greece. Destination weddings are becoming hugely popular but can be a bit daunting to plan when you live thousands of miles away from your destination of choice. If you ever dreamed of having a destination wedding, event, celebration of life, or just a really amazing and super fabulous party look no further than Sophia Vamvouni, event planner extraordinaire located in Athens, Greece. Read on to find out 5 reasons why we love Happy Events Greece and why you will too! 

1.Professionalism and Polish-Sophia is super professional and her attention to detail is impeccable. I had the opportunity to meet with Sophia and help plan a destination wedding this summer in Athens, Greece. Upon meeting with Sophia I immediately felt that she knew what she was doing, she was professional and polished and she really showed a genuine interest in the vision behind the event, how we wanted the event to look, to feel, etc. Sophia has a true passion for her craft which shows in the finished product of every event that she curates.  

2.Creativity-working with Sophia you can be 100% assured that no two events are ever the same. Sophia will tailor your event to be all about you or to be all about whatever it is that your imagination can come up with. Whether you are planning a wedding, a baptism, or a themed event Sophia will give you options and recommendations that will take your guests on a journey...a romantic journey through time to an antique style wedding, or to a whimsical and fun themed party for children, the attention to detail is just spot on. Through creative and inspired decor, thoughtful and strategic placement of candles, party favors, flower arrangements and centerpieces, to ribbons flowing from tree branches, and mason jars filled with rose petals or lavender or just about anything else you can imagine....all of these extra touches come together to create an atmosphere and luxurious ambience that truly take you and your guests to another place....and isn't that what we all want at the end of the day when we attend a good party or event??? YES!!!!! 

 3.Value-for all the time and hard work that Sophia and her team place into creating your dream event, the gained value that her clients receive for the services is superb-and I am not just talking cost. Sophia's rates are extremely reasonable and fair but the added value is your sanity and peace of mind. With Sophia in charge of your event, you can have total confidence that everything will be taken care of. You can actually enjoy your event because Sophia and her team take care of all the details that you honestly don't want to deal with!!!  

 4. Experience-Sophia has been in the Event Planning business in Greece for over 15+ years. With her level of experience and her contacts with outside vendors like floral shops, caterers, photographers, event venues, DJ's, bakeries, etc. Sophia can tailor your entire party program based on your specific needs. Sophia works with some of the best vendors in Greece and this is just another reason why we chose Happy Events for our friend to help plan her destination wedding and why we recommend them for your event planning needs! Sophia has also worked with many popular celebrity clients in Greece and has excellent reviews and write ups in fashion, pop culture, and lifestyle magazines all over Greece including People Magazine, Ok Magazine, and more.  

 5.Location-if you are looking to plan your destination event in Athens or on one of the many beautiful Greek islands, the options for choosing a venue truly are endless. You can have a formal event in the city at one of the various luxury/boutique hotels or rooftops, you can choose a destination on The Athens Riviera, on top of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, Ktima48, (one of our faves,) or you can choose any one of the many Greek islands for your event.   Happy Events Greece has just recently launched it's very own online boutique where you can shop for wedding favors, and bombonieres, baptism favors for both boys and girls as well as Holiday gifts,  good luck charms and more. Happy Events also offers custom wedding planning services in addtion to package weddings in Santorini and Mykonos. 

Looking for things to do while you plan that party? We have some options!