5 Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

As we enter the third day of October, leaves are changing color, nights are getting cooler, and clothing is getting thicker...well at least that is what is going on in the northeast right now. For all of you who live in warmer climates, I envy you. Anyway, I digress. In the U.S., there are two main holidays celebrated in October: Columbus Day and Halloween. And although Columbus Day certainly means a lot to most Americans, Halloween is by far the more "fun" holiday out of the two. Besides the fab decor that comes with Halloween, the other aspect of it is dressing up! This is something that always stresses me out because no matter how hard I try I always have costume envy at all the Halloween parties. I have rounded up some fashionable (animal ears not included) Halloween costumes that you won't be embarrassed looking back at years from now. 

Fashionable halloween costume Idea: Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

HBO has taken the best-selling book series from George R. R. Martin, "A Song of Ice and Fire" and turned it into one of the most popular cable TV shows. Khalessi, or Daenerys Tagaryen, is one of the most popular characters from Game of Thrones. She is the Princess of House Targaryen and lives in exile in Essos with her advisors and dragons. She rallied the Unsullied of Astapor to her cause and continues to grow the army she needs to take back the throne. Some say that she may be the antagonist during the last two seasons...only time will tell! 

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

White Cape Dress from River Island, Metallic Flat Sandals from Asos, Gold Cuff from Lulu's 

Fashionable halloween costume idea: Sandy from Grease 

Although this iconic outfit from the classic movie Grease has been around for years, I still believe that it is one of the most fab Halloween costume options out there. The best part about this costume is that, with the exception of the red pumps, all of these pieces are on trend for this season. There is nothing better than a Halloween costume that could potentially be worn after the fact!  

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

Bodysuit from American Apparel, Vegan Leather Leggings from Lulu's, Black Choker from Lulu's, Red Pumps from Nordstrom 

Fashionable halloween costume idea: Chanel from Scream Queens 

I am not the biggest fan of Scream Queens, but I am a huge fan of this costume idea! It screams (no pun intended) Chanel (no pun intended, again!) and that makes me so happy. The pearls and the muted colors are also so fab - perfect for fall. The fashion on Scream Queens is always on point, so if dressing up as Chanel is not your cup of tea, there are many more options coming from this show for your Halloween costume. 

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

Blouse from Bloomingdales, Metallic Heels from Lulu's, Faux Fur Jacket from Lulu's, Mini Skirt from Asos, Pearl Bracelets from Charming Charlie, Pearl Earrings from ModCloth 

Fashionable halloween costume idea: The Great Gatsby Woman 

Ever since attending the Great Gatsby party at the Capitale last fall, I have been obsessed with the fashions from this time period. Ok, I admit it, I have been obsessed with 1920's fashion since way before then! Dressing up as a flapper era woman is always fun because it is one Halloween costume that is super dressy - you will feel like you are going to a black-tie event - not Halloween. Also, maybe you will run into your Leonardo DiCaprio-esq happy ending! 

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

Vintage Flapper Style Dress, Pearl Jewels from Charming Charlie, Nude Pumps from Lulu's, Pearl Earrings from ModCloth 

Fashionable halloween costume idea: Mermaid Inspired by Kim K  

This is not just any ordinary mermaid...this is the Kim Kardashian version...LOL! Anyway, I happen to be a huge Kimmie K fan, so I had to include this Halloween costume idea. No matter what your thoughts about Kim Kardashian are, this is a super sexy Halloween costume idea that is perfect for any party. In fact, if you have a younger daughter, let's say the age of North West, this is also a fab mother-daughter costume - if you don't feel comfortable in the bralette, you can always swap it in for a lacy bodysuit with a sleeve! 

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

Mermaid Top from Urban Outfitters, Mermaid Skirt from EtsyPearl Jewels from Charming Charlie, Mermaid Headpiece from ModCloth

What kind of Halloween Costume do you have in mind for this year? Something sexy, sweet, or a combination of the two? There is certainly way more to Halloween costumes than bunny ears

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

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