Four Healing Coping Skills That Will Help You Deal With Loss

If you are like everyone else in the world you will have to deal with loss during various stages of your life. Loss comes in a variety of different forms and depending on what type you are dealing with will often determine what type of coping skills you will need. 

You may lose a job, you may lose friends as you go through life, you may lose your sense of self at some points in life,  you may suffer the loss of a relationship or marriage. You will have to find the strength and grace to deal with the loss loved ones, beloved pets, teachers, mentors, and colleagues.

Through all of this loss there is one thing in common: Life does and will go on. Read on for four healing coping skills that will help you to deal with loss.

1.Seek Help-you may consider yourself a strong person. That's great-but your strength will be tested and stretched to the furthest extreme in life. If you haven't dealt with any type of loss yet in your life, you may be unprepared when your first round with it hits.

 Talking to family and friends about your feelings may help you, but if you are finding yourself unable to function the way that you used to as a result of your loss, or you don't feel comfortable spilling out all of your thoughts and raw emotion to family or friends, it may be time to seek professional help so you can get more of a handle on things.

The worst thing that you can do is to ignore your inner emotional compass. Sweeping your emotions under the proverbial rug and putting on your happy face is not a solution-it's a band-aid that won't cover a gaping wound. Numbing your feelings out with drugs or alcohol is also not the way to go. You may feel better in the moment but once everything wears off, your issue will still be there staring at you right in the face-and it will feel even more enormous to you than it did before. 

 Find a therapist, mentor, pastor, or  person that you feel comfortable with, an anonymous group that you can go to to talk about your feelings and struggles in. Seek out others who have gone through the same loss. They may be able to offer you a different perspective. They may have come out of their loss stronger, and more adept at dealing with the chaos that you may feel. Even if you feel that you are alone in whatever it is that you are going through, rest assured, that you are not. One of the most common parts of the human condition is loss-it binds us together because everyone goes through it. 

2.Immerse Yourself-find something that you enjoy to do in life and immerse yourself in it. Don't have any hobbies?  Find one. Don't Have time? Make It.

Get out of your house, your apartment, your living space and immerse yourself in something that speaks to you and that will feed your soul. Find your passion in life. You may not even know what it is right now but it's there. Hidden behind all the layers that we build up to keep ourselves safe. Get out there. Join a group, paint, read, write a book, write a journal,  learn to play a musical instrument, learn to ride horses, take up a sport that you have always wanted to try but never "had the time" for.

Make time to focus in on you and what makes you feel good. If you already have a creative outlet, craft, or hobby take this time to get even better at it. Hone your skills and use your emotion to push your limits into something new and positive. Focusing your raw energy into endorphin pumping, feel-good stuff is a sure fire way to cope when it comes to loss. 

3.Take a Break-if you have to take some time off to heal from your loss do it. I know this may be easier said than done but You Need To Take Care of You first if you want to get past this.

Take a break from everything if you need to. Unplug, deactivate social media for a while and get back to center. It's ok to just spend time alone with yourself if that is how you heal. It may be the best thing that you can do. If the thought of being alone scares you, try to push through it. Spending time thinking through your thoughts and emotions and getting to know your true inner self is something that is uncomfortable for some, and really easy for others-when dealing with loss, you may find that breaking down your inner barriers will help you to move past your grief and distress. 

Coping Skills To Deal With Loss

Coping Skills To Deal With Loss


4.Keep Moving Forward-no matter what you are going through or how you may be feeling in the present moment, things will change. They may change for the better, they may change for the worse, it all depends on you.

Loss can send even the strongest person into the depths of despair, wreaking havoc in every single facet of their life. Conversely, loss can also propel you forward stronger than ever, it will test you and  break you and shake you to your core-It will not be easy, and most likely will feel that the walls are closing in on you,  but if you stay the course it will make you more prepared for dealing  with all of the other challenges that life will throw at you. 

Lean on your family, your friends, develop and hone in on your amazing and fabulous self and know that no matter what, you will get through whatever it is that you are going through. You may doubt your own strength, and your ability to recover, but you are probably stronger than you give yourself credit for.

 "You never know  how strong you are until being strong is your only choice."-Bob Marley


Live Fab, Repeat-XO-Kathy