Gift Wrapping Tips for Perfect Looking Gifts

The holiday season is a wonderful time of show off your gift wrapping skills!!! For some, this may be very daunting and for others, it may come very easy. I, however, LOVE gift wrapping!!! I am known to always have my gifts wrapped to perfection. I always use fab bags, sparkly tissue paper, and fun bows. I am certainly not an artist of any sort, but with the right tissue paper, bows, and sparkles anyone's gifts can look like a professional wrapped them! I wanted to share my top tips for wrapping presents this holiday season! Now, you can, too, make your gifts into pieces of art.

Gift Wrapping Tips

Gift Wrapping Tips for you

  1. There is no need to spend a TON of money on gift wrapping - Target has amazing gift wrapping and it is all very inexpensive!! I love, love, love Papyrus - so I tend to mix and match my Papyrus finds with my Target finds! 
  2. Don't use gift wrapping that you're not comfortable with - Gift wrapping is supposed to be fun and since wrapping paper and I just don't seem to get along very well, I very rarely use wrapping paper. The more gift bags the better for me!!! 
  3. Adding the right tissue paper to any gift bag can make or break the look of the gift - I love mixing different prints with my tissue paper and gift bags, but if you're new to gift wrapping you can buy simple gift bags and super fun tissue paper to make the guessing game on what to use with what way easier! 
  4. If you are more of a wrapping paper fan, I love adding special decals to the present - Anything from bows to pom poms and gems, the list can go on and on!! 
  5. Also, if you're like me and despise wrapping paper, decorative holiday boxes work just fine - You can wrap some ribbon around the box so it is sealed and add decals to the box just as if it was wrapped with real wrapping paper! 

P.S.: Don't forget to label your gifts as you wrap them - you will never remember who gift is in what box or bag otherwise!! 

Share your gift wrapping skills with us using the hashtag: #WrappedByTheSophisticato on Instagram and Twitter! Can't wait to see your skills at work!!!