Going Greek in Manhattan-3 Reasons Why You Need to Try Nerai

We are absolute foodies here at The Sophisticato....sometimes to an excess I have to admit but we just cannot pass up a chance to dine at an amazing restaurant. One of my favorites in Midtown if you are in the mood for modern, flavorful, and pristinely presented Greek food, look no further than Nerai. Located in the heart of Midtown between Park Ave. and Madison, it is the perfect spot for some delicious culinary delight!! If you haven't already checked it out here are three reasons why you really should the next time you are in town.

  1. The food-Where do I really even begin???? We will start at the beginning with the mezedakia....the appetizers...Nerai puts a modern spin on the traditional Greek appetizers such as spicy feta, tzaziki, hummus and skordalia. The spanokopita, another favorite of mine is anything but your typical experience-each piece is mouthwatering and served with an ouzo yogurt that gives them a refreshingly zesty kick. If you love fresh fish/seafood give the tuna tartare or the grilled octopus a try. Moving on to the entrees they truly do have it all. My favorite dish is the Truffle Gemista. This adds a really rich taste to an everyday and extremely traditional Greek dish, stuffed peppers and tomato. Nerai also has some of the freshest fish around, flown in from Greece daily. Try the Lavraki, the Royal Dorade...they are all excellent choices.  
  2. The people-The staff at Nerai do NOT disappoint. The service, the professionalism, the smiles, and the true attentiveness to their guests set this team apart from many other fine dining establishments. Last Sunday while at Nerai there was a guest who was feeling a little woozy and the staff's response was so gracious and helpful. They seemed like they truly cared about her well being and they did everything they could to make her feel more comfortable.  This does not happen everyday. Aside from this, the staff are truly professionals, well versed in their craft and it shows.  
  3. The atmosphere-Nerai is like a slice of heaven in the concrete jungle that is Manhattan. All white banquet tables in the main dining room flank the walls, with whimsical lighting and decor hanging from the ceiling to give it that true Greek island feel. Soothing shades of white with pops of blue decor make the ambiance even more beautiful. The main dining room is cozy and fills up quickly giving it a buzzy vibe that just adds to the overall experience. Upstairs, Nerai offers private dining rooms that can be booked for special events with customized menus and literal white glove service to boot.  

5 stars for Nerai!!!!

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