A Holiday Gift Guide for Her

With both Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, it is coming down to the wire to get your holiday shopping done, and I have put together a fabulous gift guide for all your girls...moms, aunts, cousins, BFF's, friends, neighbors...there is something here for all of them! Whether you are looking for that "main" gift for someone or something to add on, you are sure to find something in this holiday gift guide. Some of these pieces are my favorite things and some are things that I love to gift others.

Something to remember when buying gifts, is to always put yourself in the receiver's shoes - don't necessarily buy something for someone just because you like the item. For example, I have one person on my list that loves chunky jewelry, but that just isn't my thing. So, when I go to buy her gift, I generally buy her something that I would never wear. That mentality almost always means that she will end up with something that she loves. 

Anyway, with that being said, scroll down and take a peek at some ideas that I have for you!


Let us know what you will be purchasing for your fav girls in the comments!

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Holiday Gift Guide for Her