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Do you ever look around your humble abode (room, apartment, house) and are just tired of how everything looks? That's what happened to me a few weeks ago - I took a look around and knew that something had to change. I wasn't liking the vibe and I felt there needed to be more togetherness between my decor. When it comes to decor, I really love anything sleek & modern, but I also love culture vibes from Paris, New York, Rome, & London - so when I am on the hunt for decor those are things I always look for. After contemplating to wait until the summer is over to refresh my decor, I decided that the time was now. Within three days I refreshed my home decor & have continued enjoying my summer. Now, here are my home decor ideas for you!

Home Decor Ideas feat. One Kings Lane

One of my favorite places to find home decor for any room is One Kings Lane - they have items for every taste and even if it isn't in your budget, you will surely be inspired by perusing through their website. I didn't order everything for my refresh from One Kings Lane, but as I went through their website I bookmarked some of my favorites to inspire you.  

Home Decor Ideas
Home Decor Ideas

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Gold-Plated Finger Starfish36" Framed ArrowsLarge Moroccan StarS/5 Image Collection14" Faceted Prism LanternRussell + Hazel Acrylic StaplerGold-Plated Sputnik Sea UrchinModern Jack FigurineC. Jere Solara22" Mod Abstract Sculpture14" Polyhedron Vase5" Decorative Nugget7" Thinking Buddha15" Calligraphy Ginger Jar 

I definitely have a style - loving gold accents right now! These all may not be your style, but I hope that these pieces inspire you to refresh a spot in your home that needs a little TLC. Something else that may give you the inspo needed to spruce up that spot in your house that you have been mulling over for months is an article from Architectural Digest. This article features Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian's gorgeous homes - they may not be your favorite people in the world - but their homes are to die for! I will state the obvious - their budgets are probably higher than most - but there are definitely things that they have done with their homes that you can DIY or find alternatives that won't pain your wallet too much. 

Some other places that I find home decor ideas are: 

Whether it is adding new candles, reupholstering your couch, or adding art to your walls - there are so many small things that you can do to refresh any room in your home. You can be done in less than a day - it doesn't have to be time-consuming at all. 

Where do you find inspiration when in comes to your home? I would love to hear where you get inspired, find your home decor, and more in the comments! Share your home decor favorites using the hashtag #TheSophisticatoHome & tag us @TheSophisticato on both Instagram & Twitter

Home Decor Ideas

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