How To Use Your True Talents To Transform Lives

“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” -Robert DeNiro as Lorenzo, A Bronx Tale

This quote just strikes an emotional chord. It was true in 1993, and it is just as true today than it ever has been. We all have a journey that we are on and while we are trying to navigate that journey this thing called life sometimes gets in the way.

Things happen. Unexpected things. Gut-wrenching, earth-shattering and downright scary things.

Life throws major curveballs that result in a loss of focus, loss of hope, and even worse giving up altogether; but then life has a habit of doing something positive just when we are at the breaking point.

We get cut a break, something positive happens, maybe our lives cross paths with someone that challenges us, that dares us to break out of our comfort zones, and get back on track with clarity, vision and purpose. Or maybe you finally find it within yourself to focus on your own true talents and gifts. 

Regardless, if you find yourself struggling here are a few ways that you can find and use your own true talents and special gifts to change your own life and be a positive force in the lives of others.

First, you have to identify your true talents.

This may come naturally for you or you may be thinking, what are my true talents? It is sometimes really challenging to identify just what your own special gifts and talents are especially if you are stuck in a bit of a rut or downturn in your life.

One thing to remember, however is that you DO have true talents, you just may have not realized what they are yet. And of course if you haven't realized exactly what they are yet there is no way that you can use them to transfrom your life, let alone others lives! 

Now, you need to take this a bit further.

When you compare what you are really good at with what you would like to be really good at do you see any overlap? Are there any consistencies? If there are some similarities you are already in a good spot.

If not you may want to focus on what you are already really good at and channel those talents and skills into something positive for yourself. On the other hand you can also focus on what you would like to be super good at and make a dedicated plan to learn that talent or skillset.

Let's say you have always wanted to learn to paint or ballroom dance, take yoga, or be a source of inspiration for those around you. Enroll in classes, find a mentor that you can work with that is already an expert in his/her field and model their behavior. Learn their skills. Learn what makes them tick and how they were able to overcome their own struggles in life.

 Once you become good at what you have envisioned for yourself, you can start helping others to realize what they want to acheive. You need to go through the process yourself first, before you can have a positive effect on others.

Implement Your True Talents in Positive Ways

Once you have successfully identified what your own true talents are, whether you were born with them or you had to put in the time to hone them, you can finally use them to help yourself feel positive and fulfilled as well as helping others to do the same.

If you are a muscian for example, you can volunteer an hour or two a week to play music at a local nursing home or foster care organization. If you are a painter you can create beautiful images and auction them for a charity of your choice. If you aren't super creative but you are an amazing listener, you can volunteer to help counsel young kids or teenagers at  community centers in your local area. Become a Big Brother or a Big Sister.

There are so many things that you can do to help others around you and in the process, you are also helping yourself. The process takes some time and self-searching but you can get there!

What are some of your true talents?

Live Fab, Repeat-XO Kathy