In Need of Some Inspo? Check Out My Top Three

Inspiration. It's something that we all need from time to time and let's admit it-it's the kind of thing we need ALL the time! Inspiration for our businesses and work lives, inspiration to write, to read, to travel, to love and sometimes just to get through the day!  Inspiration breathes life into ideas and is the catalyst that pushes creative thought into action. We all draw our own inspirations from many different things. It could be a place that we love where we feel safe and quiet, it could be a place that brings back fuzzy childhood memories, it could be a place filled with chaos that makes us snap into focus and that pushes us to our limits. It could be a person, or a thing...inspirational quotes, books, authors, speakers...anything at all. For me, it really all depends on what I am looking for, and what type of inspiration I need in that moment. I rounded up my top 3 favorite people that give me inspiration on the regular and I hope they may inspire you too!! 

Inspirational People-this is a snapshot of some people that have been inspirational in my life journey.  

1. Paulo Coelho-My absolute favorite and most revered author and novelist-everyone knows who Paulo Coelho is. If you don't-I honestly don't know what to tell you other than you are missing out!!! Not only are his books ridiculously amazing and inspiring, they are riveting, they grab a hold of you and they don't let you go. He writes with passion, with clarity and it's as if you can imagine yourself in his stories and scenes. For me, it was more about his personal journey and life story. How he went against the grain,against what his family wanted, and would stop at nothing to pursue his dream of becoming a writer-even in the face of huge adversity. That walk in 1986 on the Road of Santiago de Compostela in Spain was the turning point in this life and was the catalyst behind his book The Pilgrimage. My all time favorite book, however, is The Alchemist. I have read it again and again and every time I read it I find new things that I hadn't picked up on before and depending on where I am in my own life journey I derive different feelings/perspectives from it. The Aleph is another amazing read as are all of Coelho's books. Truly an inspiring and great man.  

 2. Mark Cuban-you may be thinking ok....what a departure from Paulo but I am shifting gears to pure business here. Mark Cuban as you all probably already know is a self-made billionaire. He went from sleeping on the floor of a run-down apartment in his 20's to building a very diversified personal and business empire. We are talking so much wealth that in 1999 he purchased a Gulfstream Jet for a reported 40 million USD. I mean chump change, right? What I love most about Mr. Cuban is that he is still real...he's got his craziness and his excessive behavior which let's be serious we all would at this level...I have it without all those billions but I digress! What I love most about him is that he couldn't be a more real, direct, in your face kind of business man than he is. He is straight on, will tell you if you are on to something good or if you need to take it back to the drawing board and that is what makes him super likable. Not to mention he's got a great sense of humor and can be pretty damn charming! Mark Cuban invests in start-ups and gives great new businesses the capital they need to scale and grow-he's all about sending the elevator back down and this is just another admirable trait. Not all billionaires keep it real like that. I try to look at quotes by Mark when I need a little inspiration or even when I need some tough love.  

3. Brendon Burchard-3 time best-selling author/motivational and public speaker Brendon Burchard is legit off the charts. I was a bit late to join his movement but about 8-9 months ago I came across his book, The Motivation Manifesto,  and it was like music to my ears. I read the book cover to cover and of course followed along with his podcasts, his self-awareness exercises, introspective thought processes, and just about all of his recommendations to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to really manifest what I wanted in my life not only through positive thought but through real, purposeful ACTION. Listen, you can look at a pretty IG feed of positive quotes all day long but if you don't DO anything you aren't going to get anywhere!!! The top 3 questions that you need to be able to ask yourself and then answer honestly according to Brendon are these and the point is to not wait until we are at the end of our journeys, rather ask them now and if you don't like your own honest answers make some REAL changes!!!! Get the book-it will change your life! 

Did we live? Did we love fully? And did we make a difference, did we matter? 

Who/What Motivates You? I would love to know!!! XO