K Rico NYC: Why you Should Eat Here

Since I am a hard core foodie, one of my favorite things to do is to try out new restaurants. Since I am always in NYC, I have one rule that, when eating in there (or in any other city that I have been to before), I don't like going to a restaurant more than once - my mentality is that there are so many amazing restaurants, so why go to one more than once? One of my close friends mentioned this restaurant called K Rico NYC, so I looked it up and knew I had to try it out right away. It is a South American Steakhouse located in Hell's Kitchen. Anyway, I've now been to K Rico more than once, so that certainly means that it left a mark! Read on for why this spot was worth heading to more than once.

K Rico NYC

My top three reasons why you need to try K Rico NYC next time you are in the NYC area: 

  1. Staff - Everyone, from the hostess that greets you at the door to the bartenders and waitstaff, want to make sure you have an unforgettable time while dining at K Rico. There is a smile on everyone's face and anyone is prepared to answer all of your questions about what drink to order with your meal and anything else that comes up. Also, a special shoutout to Todd, who made our time at the bar so much fun! 
  2. Food - This isn't just any steakhouse, the South American flare makes this different from any steakhouse I've been to...and I've been to steakhouses all over the country. Start your experience with an appetizer, with choices from empanadas to chorizo to guac and shrimp cocktail. They have your traditional steaks (my fav is the Filetito), but they also have a dish including different types of meats found in South America. As your steak comes out sizzling on your plate, be sure to pair it with one of the fab sides - everything from sweet plantains to fries are all options.  
  3. Decor - I love a minimalist and modern design and that is how K Rico is designed....and, of course, you feel the South American flare as you dine! 

Where is your favorite spot to eat in NYC? Get to know ours here!

K Rico NYC