Kooreloo-Spotlight on Artful Design in Athens

The Kooreloo Project is inspired. It's where art meets fashion, style, and function. Combining the elements of the Mediterranean with European chic and sophisticated style, all of the collections that the team creates at Kooreloo are one of a kind pieces of art. From backpacks to clutches,  to bucket style bags and everything in between the designs are absolutely to die for. The New Yorker Collection is one of the Company's most popular and for good reason. With amazing structure and design and super cool and edgy detailing it's hard to decide which one you want to buy first. Art Director Lila Karagianni is the creative force behind the design and aesthetic at The Kooreloo Project headquarted in Athens, Greece. Along with Co-Founder & Manaing Director Alex Krassanakis, this dynamic duo are taking the fashion world by storm one handbag at a time....

The Power of Arful Design

The inspiration behind The Kooreloo Project is simple and straightforward. For both Alex and Lila years of working in Corporate positons in finance, operations, and HR had become mundane and stifling. They both had the desire to do something that truly served them, their abiliites and the lifestlye that they had envisioned for themselves. Lila, a natural born artist had been painting for 10 years before taking her artisitc capabilites and translating them into a vision for handbag crafting and design. With Alex's business expertise and support, The Kooreloo Project became a reality.

Design Profile-Kourelou

What exactly is Kourelou you may be asking? Kourelou (Greek) refers to the handwoven rugs and mats utilized all over Greece in homes and businesess. These handwoven mats come in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrications and many are made from all natural leather weaved with cotton and other fibers. Through Lila's creative vision, a typical, everyday household object has been transformed into the design foundation of every single handbag that is created at Kooreloo. 

The Artful Collections

The Kooreloo Project offers a  range of different collections for every style sensibility. Additional design elements like gold coin accents, silver and gold hued handbag chains, pom pom detailing and fringe bring unique style elements to each handbag. The attention to detail and design continue into the interiors of the collections with highly stylised and artistic touches added to every single handbag by hand. All of the materials and design elements utilized in the creation of the collections are all locally sourced in Athens. Production also is completed by The Kooreloo Project's team in house, in their lofty, New York style offices and headquarters. The authenticity in design, attention to detail, and quality of their handbags is truly on another level. My absolute favorite collection is, of course, The New Yorker Collection but I don't have to tell you why...these bags speak for themselves....XO-Kathy Happy Shopping!!!!

The Kooreloo Project offers their collections in cosmopolitan cities worldwide and online.