Lifestyle Hacks-7 Ways to Get Closer to Your Dream Lifestyle

Living your dream lifestyle may seem like something that is not tangible, something that is some type of concept for the dreamers and the hopeless romantics that look at the world thru those proverbial rose colored glasses. Even the phrase itself is sometimes difficult to identify. You may be sitting here asking yourself, well if I could get closer to my dream what IS my idea of a dream lifestyle anyway? Whatever it may be and it is definitely different for all of us there are many ways you can go about getting there. Regardless of your chosen path, we can all benefit from the collective experiences of those who have gone before us right? Read on for 7 lifestyle hacks that will get you closer to your dream-whatever that dream may be!

  1. Get Real About Your Dream Lifestyle and the WHY Behind It-Listen, we are inundated online with so much noise regarding living your dream lifestyle, living your best life, loving the life you live, etc. Let's face it though-I'm not talking about fantasy land here either. Although living on a yacht off the shores of St. Tropez with an unlimited supply of booze, cash, and indulgences galore sounds pretty amazing right now, this is NOT what I am talking about. Sit down and really think it through. Do you want to build a solar energy powered log cabin out in Montana? Do you want to buy that penthouse apartment in the sky one day? Is your dream to get married and raise a family? What about being able to travel the world while you are still young on a shoe-string budget? Once you identify what it is that truly speaks to you, that thing that stirs your soul, you have arrived at the first step to making it happen. Next, is all about your WHY. Ask yourself what are my barriers to entry here? What is holding me back from my dream lifestyle and WHY? Next, ask yourself WHY you want to make it happen. Is it so you have more time to spend with family and friends? Is it because you have young kids in your family and you don't want to have to pay a STRANGER to raise them and miss out on all of their formidable years? Is it because you want to have time freedom and the ability to not have to work a corporate 9-5 job? Once you discover your WHY it will become the driving force behind your actions to get there. The WHY is just as important as the dream. 
  2. Set Up a Definitive Gameplan to Achieve Said Dream Lifestyle-Now it's time to get out your notebook and put the pen to the paper. If you are more techy whip out your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, whatever-and crank out your gameplan. If you are looking at a 6-month plan that's great, if you need a year to get it all together that's fine too. The length of time that it takes you to get there is not the biggest issue. It is the actual journey, mapping out your roadmap to your final destination with milestones, deadlines, calls to action, OH MY!!!! When I decided to take my leap of faith I had to write it all down. I had to SEE it for it to become real. Once you have your gameplan in place with your dates, timelines, etc you can start taking action.  
  3. Make Small but Consistent Changes that Will Allow You to Reach Said Gameplan-What am I really talking about here? Start making small changes in your life to prepare you for your imminently HUGE lifestyle change that you just mapped out for yourself. For example, stop spending $10 a day at Starbucks or wherever you drink your java and put the money in the bank! Stop dry cleaning your clothes...hand wash instead with these amazing products that save you time, money and harmful toxins on your clothes/body. If you have a car and you live in a city with good mass transit stop using the car so much. You will save time in traffic, parking costs, gas money, and your sanity!!!! If your gameplan to your dream lifestyle is going to take you where you won't be needing a car consider selling it. I sold my car within a week after listing it on good old Craigslist! You will also want to start making small mental adjustments to prepare yourself for change like writing out any of your fears, doubts, and the incessant second guessing that comes par for the course when we are forced to move out of our comfort zones
  4. Tell Your Inner Circle ONLY or Tell No One at All-This is a tricky one. My advice is to tell your INNER CIRCLE ONLY!!! Why you may ask? It's going to be difficult enough to tell your family and close friends that you are quitting your $100k job in finance, fashion, or whatever career field you are in to move to Bali and teach yoga on the beach. Do you really want to put yourself through explaining your life path and your WHY to people that are really not that significant in your life anyway? Didn't think so. Again, this is a touchy subject so really you can do whatever it is that is right for you here. If you are unattached and don't have any family of your own you can basically just go-whatever works for you!! 
  5. Develop Your Work Exit Strategy-This is big one. You absolutely MUST have a work exit strategy. Whatever your field is you have to bow out gracefully and give your employer at least the industry-wide expectation of a 2 week's notice. If you are in a position of increased responsibility you should give more. If your departure could seriously hurt your boss/colleagues give them a month's notice-you know your business and your workplace best so take all factors into consideration when deciding how and when to leave. Besides, you never want to burn a bridge-it's a VERY small world out there! 
  6. Get Your Financial House in Order-This kind of circles back to hack number three. You will need a good amount of savings to take the plunge. You will need to continue to work and side hustle until you make it. I am not going to presume to tell you how much money you will need but I can tell you this: things don't happen overnight and even if you have a pretty little stash saved up it goes REAL quick!!! Ensure you have enough of that cold hard cash to help you feel secure on your journey. This is so important and vital to being able to focus on your pathway to success without the stressor of worrying about financial pressures. Plan for the worst but always hope for the best! Another tip that worked for me: sell all of the material things that you don't want or need. If you are one of the lucky ones and money is no object gift your unwanted possessions to someone in need or donate them to charity. Lighten your material load and your soul and wallet will thank you for it! 
  7. Take That Leap of Faith-At the end of the day it is all about you and your life, your journey and your path. It is about who you choose to spend your precious time with, who you choose not to, what you value, and what makes you excited to get out of bed every morning and no matter what that may be just know that it is all good!!!!