How to Make a Positive Lifestyle Change and Stick to It

You may have noticed that there are two times of the year that making a positive lifestyle change are spoken about: the end of the year and the beginning of Spring. During the end of the year everyone wants to start the new year off on a positive foot - whether they want to change their eating habits or spend less money or take better care of their skin. At the beginning of Spring, most people are on the mission to diet and exercise to find their bikini body.

I know that you are probably thinking that since it is the beginning of Spring, this post is going to only be about diet and exercise. Well, you're in luck because this post has nothing to do with diet and exercise. This post is all about how to make any type of lifestyle change and making sure you stick to it. These changes can be as small as going to bed by 10PM every night or as big as changing your diet to consist of only organic food.

Making a Lifestyle Change

You have to want to make this change in your life. This can't be something that your best friend or husband has been telling you that you need to do. This can't be something that you are only doing because you feel like you have to. Step one to making a lifestyle change is to make the change because you WANT to, this change is for you and you only. It is time for you to be a little selfish and to only think of yourself.

Sticking to your Lifestyle Change

When it comes to sticking to your new lifestyle, I have two main tips that will help you do this:

  1. Don't Tell Many People - This is tip number one because the last thing that you need when you are making this change is to have multiple people down your throat asking you how it's going or how you've lasted this long. Let's say it isn't as easy as you thought it would be, you don't want unnecessary reminders that you feel like you're failing. Or let's say that there are many naysayers in your circle, when making this lifestyle change, you want the least amount of negativity as possible. Surround yourself with two or three super supportive friends or family members - that's all you need!
  2. Don't Start with a Drastic Change - I urge you to not sit down one day and decide that on that day you are only going to eat organic food. What are you going to do with all the food that is already in your fridge? Or what about those dinner plans you have tomorrow night? Make the lifestyle change slowly - start off by buying organic snacks and as you finish up the rest of the food in your fridge, start replacing it with organic options. Have a goal of eating 100% organic at home within one month. Then start with limiting the food you eat outside of your home. The more baby steps you take with any lifestyle change will give you a better chance of actually succeeding in making the change.
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Now, let's make those lifestyle changes! I would love to hear about what you want to change in your life in the comments - maybe we can inspire each other!

Live fab, repeat! XO, Rebecca

Positive Lifestyle Change