4 Places in the Pacific Northwest you Must See Before you Die

The Pacific Northwest region of North America has been my home my whole life, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe from a very young age, but home will always be here. Here the air smells gently of pine needles, majestic mountains appear on the daily commute, and mother nature’s majestic black bear invades your local elementary school. The Pacific Northwest appeals to all walks of travelers, from the tough as nails survivalist to the family of four seeking an easy day trip.

The Pacific Northwest: San Juan Islands

Pacific Northwest San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands boast of such a wide variety of activities appropriate for all ages and physical abilities that it’s impossible not to have a great time there.

From haunted tours of Friday Harbor to kayaking between the islands, there’s endless options opportunities to see a major part of history and development of Washington State. Deception Pass is a particularly impressive, albeit well photographed among the Instagram crowd.

The Pacific Northwest: Columbia River Gorge

Pacific Northwest Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge separates Washington and Oregon and is home to many exciting adventure travel options. The amphitheater in George, WA embodies the Pacific Northwest musical spirit, it hosts most major music festivals and plays to 20,000 plus seats. Festival goers usually camp out directly outside the Amphitheatre. If you’re looking for a party Coyote Ridge is where to pitch your tent. If you’re looking for adventure travel the Columbia River Gorge is your spot. There is hiking, biking, white water rafting, fishing, and float trips. If you’re looking for waterfalls, this is it, there are over 90 waterfalls on the Oregon side alone, including Multnomah Falls.

The Pacific Northwest: Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia

Pacific Northwest Capilano Suspension Bridge British Columbia

This suspension bridge in British Columbia Canada crosses the Capilano River, it’s 140 meters long and holds its passengers 70 meters above the river. For those seeking to push their boundaries regarding heights, this is the trip you need. This place is absolutely on my bucket list and I’m green with envy at the travelers who get the opportunity to make this trip. Expect to spend around $40 per adult to get access to this amazing place! Their website has all you need to know along with up to date ticket prices. 

The Pacific Northwest: Hike the Enchantments

Pacific Northwest Enchantments

This high-level exertion overnight hike reveals the most Instagram-worthy views. This is an adventure for experienced hikers, so if you’re a newb please go in a group with at least one experienced hiker and research the hike. According to the Forest Service, this hike requires permits for overnight hikes May 15 – October 31. For hiking trail information I always recommend the WTA

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