A Summer Night in Philly

One of my best friends, Lindsey, moved down to South Jersey about a year ago and as much as I wish she lived closer to me, it has certainly opened my eyes to some fabulous things to do in Philadelphia - as she lives only 20 minutes outside of the city. We rounded up some friends and spent a fabulous summer night in Philly. After doing some small sightseeing - we visited the Rocky statue as well as incredible architecture that has been in Philly since the 1700's - it was time to enjoy our night. It was a casual, but fun summer night in Philly that started off at the Assembly Rooftop Lounge and ended at Morgan's Pier. Both spots are very different from one another, which definitely added to the beautiful night that we had. Read on for the details of my fabulous night! 

 A summer night in philly: Assembly Rooftop Lounge  

A summer night in philly

After our trek to the Rocky statue (which was totally worth it and I definitely recommend going!), we made our way to the Assembly Rooftop Lounge. The lounge is located in Logan Square at the Logan Hotel - very close to places like Rittenhouse Square, many historical museums, and the famous Dandelion Pub...but I digress...back to the lounge! When you enter the Logan Hotel, there is an elevator that you are ushered into that brings you straight to the lounge. 

When we got off the elevator, the first words that came to mind were posh, modern, and sexy. The lounge is not the highest in the city - it is only 9 stories high - but it still gives you an incredible view of Logan Square. Looking down on Logan Square, it reminded me of what some of the areas in Paris look like. Anyone who knows me knows that just being able to compare the views to some of the views in Paris means this rooftop was an A in my book.  

Since it was a beautiful day that was turning into an even better night, the rooftop was definitely crowded - but you never felt as if you were squished in the middle of two tables. We walked through and found a white, high top table that had just enough room for us to place our drinks on it - but that was all we needed it for. As we walked through, there were comfortable couches, basket woven chairs with cushions with low-level tables - everything was white - giving it the feelings that I spoke of before.  

When I headed to the bar, I was met by a knowledgeable bartender that was able to speak eloquently about the types of rosè the rooftop offered. I settled on a French rosè from Jean Reverdy - from the Loire Valley area of France - and never looked back. We only stayed for one drink, as the main segment of the night was Morgan's Pier, but it was a beautiful drink! Needless to say, after my experience at the Assembly Rooftop Lounge, I will certainly be staying at the Logan Hotel for my sister's birthday this year. 

A summer night in philly: Morgan's Pier  

A summer night in philly

Our next stop was Morgan's Pier - which is located in the Old City section of Philly. Since the day that Lindsey moved down to South Jersey, she has always told me that we need to go to Morgan's Pier because it is right up my ally, and she was 100% on the money - but I didn't expect anything less from her! Morgan's Pier has just as much history as the rest of Philadelphia - it was named after George C. Morgan, a construction worker on the Ben Franklin Bridge (pictured above) - he was the first person to cross the bridge as well. Morgan's Pier has unparalleled views of the Delaware River as well as the Ben Franklin Bridge - we got there just in time for the sunset and it was breathtaking.  

There are three different bars within the pier - two on the main level and one on an upper level - the largest bar was one on the main level - it was a sizeable rectangle that was lined with bar seats on all four sides. We arrived around 8pm and they already had the music going - it was a mix of hip-hop music, popular music, and the occasional country song - something for everyone!  

One of the only downsides was that the seating was first come, first serve, so we had to keep our eyes open for tables to open up. Luckily, this is one of my special skills and ten minutes later, we had a table! The table next to us opened up soon after that so we put both tables together and were golden! The kitchen closed at 10pm that night, so we ordered some appetizers to nibble on as we sipped our Sangria. It had been a long day, so we stayed until midnight - but certainly enjoyed every minute we were there. The vibes of Morgan's Pier were casual and you could tell that everyone there was just there to enjoy their summer night - it was certainly a spot with "good vibes only"! 

The Logistics of my Summer Night in Philly 

Assembly Rooftop Lounge                      Morgan's Pier
1840 Ben Franklin Parkway                    221 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103                           Philadelphia, PA 19123
P: 215.783.4171                                       P: 215.279.7134 

How to get to Morgan's Pier from Assembly Rooftop Lounge: Take the SEPTA Market-Franklin Line from the 15th Street Station five stops to the 2nd Street Station. It is then a 10-minute walk to Morgan's Pier from there - when you get off the subway, walk north on 2nd Street towards Church Sreet, then make a left onto Race Street, next turn left onto North Columbus Boulevard - you will see the Ben Franklin Bridge as you are walking.   

Needless to say, my summer night in Philly was one to remember and I would definitely pop back to those spots again and again! Where have you enjoyed a summer night in Philly this year? I would love to hear about it in the comments!! 

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A summer night in philly