Sarabeth's NYC: Why you Should Have Breakfast Here

One morning in New York City I had some extra time before my next appointment (shocker, since I'm always running late!), so I decided to fill my time and have a real breakfast. Since this is not something that I get to do very often - I generally grab my Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks on the way - I knew I wanted to make it special. I also had to be on the Upper East Side, so I felt I should eat somewhere up there so it would be a short walk to my next destination. There were obviously so many choices, but I had heard great things about Sarabeth's NYC, so I decided that was as good a time as any to try it out! Read on for my experience at Sarabeth's and why you should try it out next time you're in Manhattan.

Sarabeth's NYC

First things first, breakfast was never one of my favorite meals, but that morning I cleaned my plate! LOL. I had already had a cup of coffee that morning, so I knew that now it was time for tea - I try not to overdo it with the coffee. I ordered a tea that my fabulous waitress recommended and continued to peruse the menu. The second my eyes laid on the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, I knew that was what I would be eating - in general, that dish is one of my fav things to get at breakfast or brunch! I'm a super picky eater, so I had her put the strawberries and syrup on the side. 

Sarabeth's NYC

Sarabeth's NYC: The Food 

The pancakes were amazing!!! There was the perfect amount of lemon and ricotta mixed in the batter, so neither taste was overbearing - they were cooked to perfection. The strawberries were so fresh - as if they were picked out of a garden five minutes before they hit my table. All in all, the food was absolutely amazing and I literally can't wait to try another location. True foodie  

Sarabeth's NYC: The Service 

My waitress was absolutely great - she was so accommodating. It is generally frowned down upon to sit at a table (especially as one person) for two hours, but she never made me feel unwelcome and always made sure I had enough hot water for my tea.  

Sarabeth's NYC: The Bakery 

On your way out, be sure to stop at the bakery - the baked goods are all so yummy, so it is certainly worth it to just buy one cookie! You won't be disappointed and it would make the perfect midday snack! 

One of my favorite areas of Manhattan is downtown, so I will definitely be trying out the location down in TriBeCa- who wants to join me? 

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Sarabeth's NYC