Shefari-Boutique Travel Planning Online

Travel. We all LOVE to do it when we can. We LOVE it when we arrive, we LOVE spending our days touring, exploring, enjoying, and of course relaxing and getting away from it all. We LOVE seeing new places, people, and things. We do not LOVE the planning aspect, the getting there, the missed or worse yet, cancelled flights and inevitable headaches that this can cause. We do not LOVE leaving EVER and we are always looking forward to the time that we will be able to take that next vacation. Well, online boutique travel company Shefari will make you LOVE travel planning again. Why? There are so many reasons. Read on to fall back in LOVE with it all.  

You may be asking what is a shefari exactly? The Creative duo behind the Company found a niche in the travel market that really wasn't being addressed. Girl trips-and when I say girl trips I don't mean just any girl trip trips. We are talking fully customizable trips to really fit your own style, and of course the style of your girl squad.

 Shefari is a travel boutique specifically geared towards women, hence the play on words She/Safari, She-Fari. The first of it's kind, Shefari offers magnificent destinations and exclusive activities to make booking your girls getaway package brilliantly inspiring yet wonderfully simple.

The Creators and Founders of this super chic online travel boutique are experts in their field and have years of experience planning their own trips, as well as trips for friends and colleagues. They have spent hours researching, days visiting and weeks touring all over the globe to find those off the beaten path, hidden gems, local hot spots, and super fabulous boutique hotels that you just can't get to with your run of the mill travel agency or online booking/search engine.

When they saw how much ladies loved their packages, they expanded to family trips and honeymoons as well-in the same pioneering spirit as their girl getaways. Their goal is simple-they insist on providing an unparalleled, "worry-free"vacation that you won't find anywhere else. You can go online and choose from a variety of themed vacation getaways depending on your personal preferences, or you can literally start from scratch and build your shefari from the ground up.

There are countless options and any trip can be customized. There are many different reasons why Shefari is different from the other online travel boutiques but I will focus on the most important!! 

What Makes Boutique Travel Planning So Different At Shefari?

Shefari has a unique Build A Trip feature that is user-friendly, super easy to utilize and truly inspirational. If you want to build your own trip and you are having trouble getting inspired this is the tool for you!! There are pre-existing destinations that you can start with to get you moving in the right direction and if these spots don't get your blood flowing you can literally submit a form and get your own shefari built in no time.  You can choose a free consult session with the owners themselves if you still can't get your groundwork set up the way you want it. 

The Team at Shefari gets what the modern traveler wants.

Forget cheesy honeymoon packages in the same all-inclusive resorts, at the same destinations that agencies have been selling for years. Why don't you and your new hubby or wife hop a helicopter up to the top of a glacier in New Zealand...or snorkel in crystal-clear waters between two continents in Iceland? Or relax and unwind in therapeutic Italian thermal spas, just a short jaunt from Venice. They are truly the new generation of travel planners with customized trips to fit your unique style. Whomever you choose to travel with (lucky them!), Shefari can deliver your dream vacation. With their free consultation, they can offer many destinations beyond just what's currently offered on the site. 

Shefari truly has a "boutique" feel to it that you just can't get booking your trips online through the major travel sites.

Aside from the consultancy that the team provides, Shefari only works with hotels, villas, and properties that meet their brand criteria. They spend hours researching properties all over the world to ensure that they are not only providing an amazing boutique experience but also to ensure that the properties are safe, rated well and on Brand for their clients.

The team steers clear of the large, national and international chain hotels. Besides, these hotels are super easy to find and if that's where you feel more secure go for it but I know that I would rather be staying in a small luxurious boutique hotel bursting with authenticity and old world charm than a mega chain hotel any day!!  

Customized Itineraries & unexpected activities are the hallmark of signature Shefari style.

The activities that are available on any of the shefari's are truly unique and super fabulous. Just a few examples to get the travel juices flowing: Boudoir Bachelorette at a chic Roman lingerie shop, Saddles and Sauvignon in Chianti-a day filled with horseback riding and wine, Forget about the boring best of tours and guided tours where the tour guide is literally regurgitating the same information to each group day in, day out, these activities are way beyond that

.Some of my faves:  Barcelona: Winemaker for the Day, Rome: Beyond Rome Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast-Think Under the Tuscan Sun for some imagery, Rome: Fashion Week Comes to You-this is an exclusive activity but if you can swing it by all means do so!!!

You can choose what designers you would like to see and the team at Shefari will take care of the rest!  There are so many more amazing activities that you can choose from. I have been travelling all my life and I have not seen the creativity, the planning, and attention to detail that the team at Shefari is ready to provide with these curated collections and fabulous packages.

The value that Shefari provides is much greater than the costs of some of these amazing vacation experiences

. Ready to go yet??? I know I am!!!  

For more information and or to get started on planning your very own Shefari click here. Happy Planning!! XO