Somewhere Above the Clouds

When did I realize that I just didn't want the conventional lifestyle? One word: Exposure. It was only when I was exposed to other things: travel, different people, different cultures, completely different ways of thinking, of living did I realize that to lead a conventional lifestyle I really would be short changing myself. It may be right for some but not for me. I don't think that life is supposed to be lived in one place forever. There's too much out there, too much to see and explore...too many people to meet, to learn from.

As I sit on a plane somewhere above the clouds I am filled with this sense of possibility. I can be anywhere and nowhere all at once. I can arrive in a city steeped in history or in an exotic port of call. Possibilities abound. Limitless is nothing. On the ground well, we are just that-grounded. Tied and tethered to either a conventional lifestyle or to some other type of banal existence. Not attractive. The mundane, the day to day, the routine-we all have our own-but there is so much more out there. The journey, the experience of life. The deeper, more profound reason for us being human, for being alive in this moment somewhere above the clouds on an trans-Atlantic flight in 2015. Why me and why now and why in this time and space?

Staring into the never ending blue where sea and sky are indiscernible, where horizon lines are blurred by the clouds and time is existential and completely irrelevant I am free-mind, body and soul