What to do in South Florida

You may remember when I shared my new year's resolutions with you, one of my resolutions was to travel more this year. The trips that I want to take don't have to be to exotic places that I have never been to before - although it would be nice if some of them were - all I am looking for is a trip to enjoy myself and refresh a bit. So, after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I knew that it was time to plan my first trip of the year. A couple of weeks ago I headed to West Palm Beach, Florida...saw my cousins and spent some fun time in the sun...and I have to say that it was the perfect, little getaway! It was perfect timing, as we got a small snowstorm in New Jersey the weekend that I was in Florida. I have to admit, nothing makes me happier knowing that I missed some snow! Read on for what to do in South Florida!

What to do in south florida: West Palm Beach

My flight got in at just about 5PM, so the first night I was in town we stayed local and enjoyed everything that West Palm Beach has to offer. One of the goals of this trip was to enjoy the outside weather and that started with my first dinner in the Sunshine State.

We had dinner at E.R. Bradley's Saloon, located right on Clematis Street near the water. E.R. Bradley's is an open air pub with casual vibes. The drinks are fun, the food is absolutely delicious, and the ambiance is every bit as tropical as a Caribbean island. We went on a Thursday and the crowd was certainly not boisterous, but they are open until the early morning for anyone who wants to go late night. If you are looking for something amazing to eat, I recommend the Chicken Alfredo - it is a little more on the spicy side and not your typical alfredo - you will have plenty of other chances to enjoy seafood on your trip!

There is a dock right across from E.R. Bradley's that you should definitely spend some time on. There are some great photo ops and is perfect if you are on a date. After E.R. Bradley's, we went to the main part of Clematis Street to get some ice cream, but the spot we had in mind was closed. We ended up walking around and just enjoying our time outside. As we were walking around, we found a Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar, so we stopped in and had a drink. The decor was awesome - imagine hanging lanterns everywhere! Next time I'm in WPB, I definitely want to eat here!

I'm not sure if Clematis Street was still decorated for the holidays or if they always have lights everywhere, but it was gorgeous!

What to do in south florida: Delray Beach

Although there is so much to do in West Palm Beach, we decided to head over to Delray Beach to explore new land! We got there a little later in the afternoon and it was perfect timing on our part - we found parking very easily and we were able to walk around before the huge, Friday night crowds gathered.

Definitely check out Atlantic Avenue when you are in Delray Beach! All of the best shops and restaurants are there.There were some boutiques that looked like they belonged in NYC and some boutiques that were very stereotypical to Florida! There were also some chains that you may be able to find in other cities and towns like LF and Urban Outfitters. You have to check out Ramona LaRue - it is a store from a designer that was born and bred in Miami - the prices may be a little steep for some, but there are only a few locations in the U.S., so whether you go in to window shop or to purchase something - it is a must see!

As for dinner, there are so many divine options! We ate at a spot called Park Tavern, but it was not an easy decision. Here are my top five recommendations for food:

  1. Buddha Sky Bar/Garden - This Asian Fusion spot is accessible from Atlantic Avenue, but is located on the third floor. You will be dining in an enclosed rooftop!
  2. Cut 432 - A modern steakhouse with white decor - need I say more?
  3. Farmhouse Kitchen - This is definitely a spot with "good for you" food options, but not without ambiance!
  4. Taverna Opa - I had to include a Greek option on this list - Taverna Opa has multiple locations throughout Florida and is known for letting you break a few plates!
  5. The Office - This pub-like spot is known for their craft beer and excellent service - they pride themselves on bringing together the mom and pop experience with a modern flair!

After dinner, definitely get some ice cream at Sloan's - there are a ton of fun flavors to choose from AND the bathrooms are see-through! If you're confused, you may just have to check it out for yourself...

Weekend in South Florida

What to do in south florida: Wynwood Walls

Just a short drive from West Palm beach are the Wynwood Walls - located in Midtown Miami, it is about an hour's ride from WPB - not too bad! If you are into street art or if you just love looking at pretty things - this is a definite must see! There is one main area that has many walls painted beautifully and then there is some sidewalk and crosswalk art around 2nd Avenue where the walls are located. As you walk around the shops, you will also notice some painted walls within other areas. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the images do the rest of the talking!

There are a few must-sees while you're in the Wynwood Walls area...and of course, I have pictures of everything :)

  1. Lunch or Dinner at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar - The beautiful artistry that makes Wynwood Walls special is inside this restaurant as well - you will be mesmerized when looking at all of the artwork within this spot!
  2. Plant the Future Shop - The plant arrangements are absolutely breathtaking - as you walk around the shop, you realize that it just keeps getting better and better!
  3. The Fair - I'm not sure how long this fair was in town and what the real name was, but it is a definite must-see! There are tons of cute clothing and accessory stands as well as really refreshing frozen ice!
  4. Mojitos at La La Land - They claim to have the best mojitos in Miami - I am not a mojito connoisseur, but they were definitely amazing! Set behind the greenery at La La Land, you will find a spot that looks like it came right out of Cuba! They only sell mojitos, which is must be why they are so good - try the raspberry one if you're up for it!
Empanadas at Wynwood Walls Kitchen & Bar

Empanadas at Wynwood Walls Kitchen & Bar

Frozen Ice Popsicle at the Fair near Wynwood Walls

Frozen Ice Popsicle at the Fair near Wynwood Walls

What to do in South FloridA: Lake Worth

My last stop on this trip was Lake Worth, Florida - it is just about 30 minutes from West Palm Beach. We specifically went here to check out one of Fabio's favorite spots: Benny's on the Beach. We enjoyed Sunday Brunch here and the views were incredible. Benny's on the Beach is just at the name states: directly on the beach! They don't take reservations for brunch, so definitely make sure you either get there around 10AM or be prepared to wait to be seated. I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't mind a little wait on the beach, anyway! Food wise, Benny's has healthy options as well as heavier options and they have a ton of island-y - and brunch approved - drink options. I got a Bellini, but they had fruity drinks as well as Adult Coffee - pretty much anything you can want! After Benny's we enjoyed some much needed time on the beach - something that I don't always get to do in the middle of January!

And if you Have Some Extra Time...Guanabanas

Guanabanas is an open-air restaurant located in Jupiter, Florida. The second that you enter this spot, you will feel like you are in the middle of an island - there are palm trees everywhere, island music blaring, and decor that brings it all together! Although it is 100% outdoors, you will not feel like you are outside - between the canopies and palm trees, you are pretty much covered. I got the fresh catch with a lime flavoring and ate every morsel of it - you can certainly taste the freshness. Of course they have their fair share of island themed drinks and after dinner you should totally visit one of the tiki bars on site and bring your drink down to enjoy it on the pier that lines the Intracoastal Waterway.

By this point, you may have noticed that there is so much more to South Florida than Miami. There is so much to do and see - you can certainly fill up a full week of fun in the Sunshine State! If you are itching to head down there, we have also put together some of our top travel secrets - get them below!

Live Fab, Repeat! XO, Rebecca

Weekend in South Florida

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