SS17 Catwalk Trends

The absolute best part about September is the Spring/Summer shows at New York's annual fashion week shows. New York Fashion week begins a month full of runway shows in the top fashion cities including London, Paris, and Milan. Although there is still one week left of summer 2016, designers showcased their SS17 looks for next year during last week's fashion week events. We have rounded up the top trends that will be hitting the shelves come February and March of next year. 

Not too long ago you may remember us rounding up the top fall trends to get your hands on - if not, take a peek to refresh your memory. You will realize that quite a few of the trends for this fall have carried over into the SS17 season. So, now is the time to get used to seeing ruffles, sequins, & velvet because they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. This does not mean that the only trends in SS17 are repeat offenders from AW16 - fresh trends for SS17 include corsets, hoodies, and horizontal stripes. 


You and I are probably wondering the same thing: are ruffles really here to stay?! I spoke about them in my fall trends post and here they are - back for SS17. As you can see, the ruffles are everywhere and done very creatively. My personal favorite is the look all the way to the right from Jonathan Simkhai - the designer took a simple slip dress (which is something else you will start to see more of), added a slit and fabulous ruffles, and you have a sophisticated, yet trendy dress. The Prabal Gurung look all the way to the left brings a little bit more of an edgy look to ruffles. The ruffles are almost a little jagged and the fur jacket added to the look has pops of electric blue, bringing the edge to an otherwise feminine look.  

Sequins & Metallics 

This is the first of two trends straight from the 1980's. Sequins, glitter, and metallics are not just for two weeks in December anymore. If you have any weddings or parties to head to next SS17, keep your eye out for dresses adorned in these sparkly fabrics. Can we also take this moment to talk about how edgy Marc Jacobs (first on the left) makes sequins look?! He definitely gave them a grunge look - something most streetwalkers may try to emulate during SS17. You may also notice that the two looks in the middle (Ralph Lauren & Rodarte) bring a western twist to sequins - it may be time to grab your cowboy boots and/or hat! 

Horizontal Stripes 

You may be wondering how horizontal stripes can be a trend, but know that Anna Wintour may be wondering the same thing. Unlike the look on the left from Altuzarra, the other two looks have very bold stripes - Delpozo mixed a bright orange with a baby pink and Proenza Schouler incorporated thick, red stripes to bring on the attention. When it comes to SS17 fashion, I would definitely look out for stripes that are more bold, rather than reserved. I don't know about you, but I will certainly be rocking bold, horizontal stripes for brunch parties next year. 


In the beginning of this post, I mentioned that there were two trends that reflected the 1980's - the first was sequins & metallics and now we have tulle. For anyone that grew up in the '80's, this may bring back really bad memories and for those of you who were born after the 1980's, here is a picture of Madonna so you can imagine what they were like. The Marchesa dress on the right really depicts the tie dye vibes that were such a big part of that decade. Now, it is time to mix the sequins & tulle for a real Madonna-esq look! 

Trends to Play With

First, where are these three looks from? The look all the way to the left is from Carolina Herrera, the middle look is by Victoria Beckham, and the last look is from none other than Vera Wang. Carolina Herrera featured a corset (another '80's repeat) during her runway show - you will definitely see these included in dresses as well as tops, alone - tops are getting sexier season by season (cropped tops & corsets will be all through the streets!). Victoria Beckham proved that velvet is not just for winter in her runway show - notice the light color that she used making it worthy of SS17. The last look on the right from Vera Wang is definitely something that is seen all over NYC during the winter - the uniform that is all black. Be prepared to wear all black looks during the SS17 season - an umbrella may be necessary to keep cool in your all black ensemble.  

Which trends are you looking forward to wearing and/or seeing on the streets next year? I know that I am excited to rock velvet in 80° weather!