Stress Free Travel Tips

As I was looking at my calendar for the month of October, I noticed one thing: I am traveling EVERY weekend. Needless to say, I am exhausted just looking at my plans for the month. As I am currently getting over a cold, I know that I need to ensure that I don't exhaust myself this month - otherwise all through November I will spend my time recovering...which I don't have time for...LOL. As much as I love, love, love to travel - with such a tight schedule, I know that I need to do this smartly. It would honestly make my life easier if I could go from destination to destination, but these are all weekend trips, so that isn't possible. Anyway, after coming up with my own methods that were going to help me to survive this month without burning myself out, I decided that I wanted to share my stress free travel tips  with you too. I can't certainly be the only one that can experience a travel burn out, if this is you too - read on! 

Stress Free Travel Tip One: 

I am starting this list with what may seem like the most obvious tip: write everything down - this will help you tremendously! When you have more than one trip going on (especially if they are with different people), make sure you write down each trip on your calendar - it may even help to write down who is going on which trip - the last thing you want to do is message the wrong person about the wrong trip! 

Next, grab your favorite notebook (preferably a multi-subject version) and some folders to start organizing your travel plans and documents. When grabbing your folders, I definitely recommend to choose different colors for each trip (and get creative with it!) - this will keep things interesting as well as keeping them organized. In your notebook, label each section with your trip location and then on the first page create a checklist of things that you need to pack. By writing everything by hand, you may remember some of it without even having to look back at your checklist. 

Stress Free Travel Tip Two: 

Your next step is to organize your life - that is - your life around your trips. I know, for myself, since I am away every weekend, I know that I won't have time to get my life together during my normal Saturday morning catch up sessions. So, sit down, and write down everything that you need to get done in between your travels. If this list becomes overwhelming, be sure to prioritize everything - some things may not have to get done right away and you don't want to stress yourself out thinking about your to-do lists back home. Remember don't plan too much in between trips, only plan what you know you will be able to get done - be realistic. 

You can create these lists in two ways: on paper or on your phone's notepad. As much as I am a technology person, I would personally create these lists on paper. This is because I wouldn't want to be able to view the lists while I am away - my time away is just time away. Keep the lists in a safe place, so once you return, they are easily accessible.  

Stress Free Travel Tip Three: 

Be honest. Let your friends and family know how busy you will be during your travel period. The last thing that you need is your friends and family texting and calling 24/7 to see you when your time is so limited to begin with. Of course, you will want to see your favs in between trips, but make a promise to yourself to only go out when you know for sure it won't interfere with your time. Your inner circle will completely understand that this is a busy time in your life and they will be there to see when you get back from your last trip.  

Remember that being honest with yourself will ensure that you don't completely wear yourself down. Traveling - whether it is by train, plane, or automobile - can introduce you to a whole mess of germs as well as be very exhausting. When you are home, go to sleep at normal times (whatever that may before you) and eat healthy - maybe even pop some Emergen-c's or Airborne's. 

As I wrote down all of these steps for stress free travel, I realized one thing - these tips really do work for anything you are doing in your life. If you are feeling stressed about anything, modifying these steps for your needs could certainly help you get through those times! 

All in all, be sure to enjoy your trips...wherever they may take you!! Some may be more exciting than others, but you will look back at this time (in a month or so) and relish in the enjoyment that you had exploring different places. P.S.: If you are in the planning stages of one (or all) of your trips, be sure to check out my top travel tools

Lastly...stay the next few weeks I will be sharing everything about my travels! Happy traveling to all!! 

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Stress Free Travel Tips