The Laundress NYC-5 Reasons Why We Love This Brand

Let's face it-we have all had drama at the dry cleaners at one point in our fashionable lives...maybe your coveted Lanvin jacket mysteriously went missing or worse, maybe the dry cleaner burned, stained, or otherwise damaged it...maybe your buttery soft, leather bomber jacket came out feeling more like the texture of a worn in baseball glove-not exactly the look you may have been going for!!! Maybe you have left the dry cleaners after paying an exorbitant bill wondering why your clothing felt so stiff and what that lingering chemical aroma was wafting out of those plastic draped wire hangers....whatever your story may be there IS a better way!!! Take it from me - a SERIAL dry cleaner and now convert - The Laundress NYC has the solution to just about all of your fabric care needs - here's the top 5 reasons to LOVE The Laundress NYC:  

  1. They Will Save you Money- Which you can then use to buy more clothes, take more fabulous vacations, or re-vamp your bedroom/living room of course! The Laundress products eliminate virtually 99% of your dry cleaning needs, saving you hundreds of dollars over the long term.  The Laundress products help you to preserve your clothing and literally extend the life of your wardrobe! 
  2. They Are Eco-Friendly-You can finally feel good about doing your laundry - not only are you cleaning, preserving, and ensuring your fashions will be in perfect shape for a long time; you are also taking care of the planet!!! It's a win-win situation!!!  The products are plant derived, so they are non-toxic containing no allergens, parabens, phosphates or bleach.  There are no artificial colors, dyes or unnecessary additives in the products and they are 100% biodegradable. All of the packaging is made from recycled products and they even recycle all of their packaging/shipping materials. The best part: The Laundress is cruelty free-no animal testing EVER!!! 
  3. They Are Easy to Use-You can utilize all of The Laundress products just as you normally would your regular detergents!! You will absolutely love the fresh clean scents!!!   
  4. They are Neurotic, In a Good Way of Course-Each product from The Laundress is specifically designed for individual fabrics using the most effective ingredients to preserve and extend the life span of your wardrobe.  
  5. Perhaps the best reason EVER is that The Laundress is now open in NYC so you can stop by the store, test out the products and be your own judge!!!! The store is located in Soho at 199 Prince St. between MacDougal and Sullivan Streets!!
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