Three Things to Look for When Choosing a Bag for Your Laptop

If you are like the rest of us out there you probably don’t go too far away from home without your laptop computer in tow. Whether you need your laptop for work, school, for vacation, or a combination of all of them you will need a good quality bag to store and transport your laptop in. 

With the dizzying array of options out there all competing for your hard earned dollars it is easy to get caught up into overspending or making a snap purchasing decision without really thinking about it.

 You may have a general or a super specific idea of what you are looking for when it comes to purchasing a bag for your laptop but there are some things that you should be looking out  for before making your final purchase-here are three of them!

Size & Shape

This may seem like a no brainer but the size and shape of the bag that you select is one of the most important things to consider. Obviously you will need to find a bag that will fit the size of your laptop. The shape of the bag is also super important. 

There are satchels, totes, messenger bags, backpacks and other shapes that are available. If you need to keep your hands free look for bags that have cross body straps or perhaps a backpack. Regardless of the shape of the bag you will want to ensure that you are choosing a bag that will allow you a few extra inches of wiggle room on all sides. You are going to need room for your laptop accessories and whatever else you plan on toting along with you for the day. 

Full Grain Leather Bag

Material & Color

Now this just may be the most important thing to consider when selecting a bag for your laptop in our humble opinion. You can choose from full grain leather, nylon, canvas, and other mixed materials for the actual construction of your laptop bag.
If you have your heart set on finding a great quality leather laptop bag you will have a ton of options at your fingertips. 

 There are all types of laptop bags that are made from leather but you should be looking for bags that are made from full grain leather as opposed to “genuine leather”. Why you may ask? Any leather bag can be labelled as “genuine leather” but not all leather bags are created equal.

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is much more sturdy and durable than other types of leathers such as nappa leather and other mechanically treated leathers that are resurfaced to appear to be strong and sturdy. If you love the idea of a beautiful leather bag find one that is made from full grain leather. You will be glad you did.

Price Range

Budget, budget, budget. You always want to ensure that you are staying within your budget. Whatever budget that may be you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save a buck or two. There are some great options out there in all price ranges-it just really comes down to what you are looking for. 

Do your research, do some price comparisons online and in stores before making your final purchase. You don’t have to break the bank to find a great looking, quality bag for your laptop. 

Keep in mind that it’s not just about the look of the bag, it’s about keeping your investment safe and easily transportable.

Happy Shopping!