Time Management Techniques

As some of you may or may not know, both of us at The Sophisticato not only have this blog, but we also have some businesses of our own - although the blog is by far our favorite! I am a website builder and social media extraordinaire and Kathy has a beautiful party favor web site and is a star content writer. Balancing our blog responsibilities in addition to our personal businesses and (gasp!) fitting in social time can be difficult - but as long as we manage our time successfully we are golden! Managing our time is not a true science, since there are always last minute things that pop up - a client wants an edit made right away or a phone meeting that day or there is an order fulfillment issue. Barring last minute issues, you should always have a time management plan in place. This will ensure that you will not reach that dreaded burn out. Read on to see my top time management techniques.

Time Management Techniques

You're probably wondering how, exactly, we manage our time. Luckily I am going to give you my top three secrets of managing my own time! 

Time Management Technique: Manage Your List  

I don't just mean a boring, black and white list. I mean a color coded prioritized list. Since I have many different projects going on, I use Trello to stay organized and my favorite feature is the color coding - each project I have is a different color, so right away I know what is for what. I spend no time staring at my laptop confused as to whose post needs to go up and when.  

Time Management Technique: Manage Your Priorities 

You're probably wondering what exactly I mean by this. Well, let me give you an example: you haven't seen your BFF in two weeks and she asks you to hang out tonight, but you have a huge project due in two days for a client and you day is jam packed tomorrow. As much as it might be tempting to say yes to your BFF, she will understand if you take a rain check - just suggest the day the project is due. You'll probably want some drinks anyway after a stressful couple of days. Sometimes you may want to say yes to everything, but in the end, it backfires on you. P.S.: If your BFF holds it against you for getting your workflow on, that's not so supportive either. 

Time Management Technique: Manage Your Distractions 

Everyone works differently, some people need complete silence, meanwhile, others can work in the middle of a construction zone. For myself, I love working with the TV on - 9 times out of 10 I end up tuning it out for periods of time, but I just like the noise. When I am in complete silence, it is way harder for me to concentrate. Kathy, on the other hand, prefers to work in silence. The trick is knowing which distractions to keep away and which aren't actually distractions. 

Time Management Techniques

P.S.: Always include breaks during your day - working on one thing for hours on end is certainly not efficient.