Top 10 Beaches in Athens Greece

Even though it is late August the sun is still shining bright here in Athens, Greece. The gods were good to Greece and even though summer is winding down officially beach weather in Greece generally can keep going strong through October and even November depending on the temperatures. Mainland Greece has a ton of beaches that you can cool down at and depending on what you like there is truly something for everyone. If you want organized beaches with top notch amenities and service, Greece has got them. If you prefer off the beaten path gems, Greece has got that too. Whether you're visiting Greece for the first or the thousandth time (for my Greek-American counterparts)  there are amazing beaches right here in Athens that you can relax on without having to go very far.  Read on for my list of the top 10 best beaches in Athens, Greece.

 1. Astir Beach-coming in at number one on the top ten best beaches in Athens, Greece  Astir Beach is the ultimate seaside escape. Located in the beachfront town of Vouliagmeni which is also referred to as the Athenian Riviera Astir Beach is a fully organized complex of beautiful sunbeds with umbrellas and call buttons for food/drink service, restaurants, and even boutiques where you can purchase some pretty pricey but amazing swimwear. Astir also boasts water sports including jet skiing, rafting, kite boarding, wind sailing, and more. In addition to the watersports, there are enclosures for beach tennis, raketes, ( the Greek version of beach paddle ball) and beach volleyball for those of you who prefer your sports on dry land. Whether you want to simply lounge and relax or spend your day being active this beach has it all. The beach is private and requires an entrance fee of 18 euros per person Monday thru Friday and on the weekends this jumps up to 28 euros per person just to get in-but let me tell you it is WORTH it!!! The service, the grounds, and all of the amenities truly make Astir a fabulous and one of a kind experience.  

2. Lagonisi Beach-this beach is situated 40 km or 24 miles southeast of the center of Athens. This beach is popular with the local crowd as well as with tourists. Boasting crystal clear waters Lagonisi Beach is a welcome retreat from the busier and sometimes much more crowded beaches of Glyfada and Vouliagmeni. Private changing rooms are available for use after swimming and The Grand Resort Hotel Lagonisi is situated at this beach as well.  

3. Yabanaki Beach Varkiza-this super popular seaside destination is located 27 km or about 17 miles south of the center of Athens. Popular with everyone from singles, to groups of friends and families YaBanaki Beach is a sprawling complex complete with cafes, bars, restaurants, watersports centers with beach shops and even a playground for the kids. The beach is organized and has sunbeds with umbrellas for a much cheaper rate than Astir-coming in at only 6 euros to enter on the weekends and 5 euros to enter during the week. Sunbeds do come at an extra charge and range depending on where you would like to sit. Yabanaki also has a mini spa if spa treatments at the beach are your thing! One of my faves in Athens, coming in at number three for all of these reasons!!! 

 4. Avlaki Porto Rafti-another one of my faves, Avlaki Beach is super popular with locals but the tourist crowd has also caught on to this little gem of a beach located 35 km or about 22 miles southeast of Athens. This is the place to be if it happens to be windy in Athens. Situated on a cove this beach is protected from the winds and has really great water to swim in. This beach is great for families, and really for all age groups to boot. There is a happening beach bar that serves snacks, coffee, and of course adult beverages!!  Avlaki's entrance fee is only 5 euros per person and even cheaper for the kids! 

5. Mavro Lithari-Anavissos-situated on the right-hand side of the road right before the Mavro Lithari Hotel this beach is located 52 km or 32 miles southeast of Athens. Coming in at number five on my list of the top ten beaches in Athens, Greece, Mavro Lithari is highly revered by sports enthusiasts who wait for sometimes hours to play "raketes" in the fully fenced in enclosures  that line the beach as you enter. Mavro Lithari is super popular with the locals. There is also a super cool beach bar set up with the requisite couches, chairs, and beach pouf style seating that really give it a very relaxed, chill and loungey vibe. Have drinks on the beach and take in the sights or play rackets until your heart's delight!!!  

 6. Schinia Karavi Beach-this beach, located on the northeastern side of the Athenian coastline is about 45 km or 28 miles outside of the city center. Karavi Beach is one of the best beach destinations on the northeastern side of Athens. The beach is fully organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, a beach bar with a restaurant, beach volleyball courts and it even has free Wi-fi. The beach is known for its sometimes high winds so it attracts windsurfers and other water sports aficionados. The beach is sandy and has crystalline blue waters. Definitely a must visit if you find yourself on this side of town.  

7. Cape Sounion-this beach is located at the southernmost spot on the Athenian coastline. Famous for The Temple of Poseidon there are gorgeous sandy beaches that are organized and some that are not but I prefer the beach at the GrecoHotel Cape Sounio. There are a TON of activities and things to do and the beach is pristine to say the least. This beach is definitely a bit of a drive so it's best to make this a full day trip if you have the time. Located 65 km or 40 miles outside of Athens it is well worth a visit to swim, to sail, and to visit The Temple of Poseidon.  

Athens Legrena Beach.png

 8. Legrena Beach-if a secluded, non-organized beach is what you are interested in look no further than Legrena Beach. This beach is located just before Cape Sounion and is one km/mi less of a drive from the city center. Legrena is a natural beach made up of rocky coves and is perfect if you just want to be on your own for the day and away from the crowds. The beach is clothing optional...GASP!!!! All joking aside, we definitely do NOT discriminate and we are happy to provide something for everyone here!!! If you've got it flaunt your beach body at Legrena!!! The water is super clean and known to be somewhat cold so be forewarned for those not wearing bathing suits!!!!!  

Athens Kalivia Beach.png

 9. Kalivia Beach-this beach is more of a local beach as many Athenians have summer/weekend homes here. Located 44 km or 27 miles outside of Athens, Kalivia is great for families and is a relaxing getaway from the beaches closer to Athens. The beach is not organized so be prepared to bring your own beach towels, blankets, and or chairs. The beach, however, is great for sports like beach volleyball and tennis.  

10. Balux Seaside-this beach is at number 10 not because it isn't a great beach but just because it is located in the busy beach town of Glyfada and is not what I look for exactly. None the less, it deserves to be on the top ten list for sure!!!! Balux Seaside is a complex of restaurants, beach cafe's and bars. It boasts a pool for those of you who are not fans of the salty waters of the sea, and it has an amazing concept restaurant called Balux The House Project. I love the ambiance of this place for a coffee or a cocktail or light lunch after a long day hanging by the water. There is another restaurant serving up Asian fusion food called Balux Cafe The Exotic Seaside Escape. Located right in Glyfada this is probably the most convenient beach to get to and the closest to the center of Athens.  

 Enjoy the last days of summer in Greece!!!! XO

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