Travel Tools to Help you Plan the Perfect Vacation

If you haven't noticed, traveling is one of our favorite activities here at The Sophisticato. There is nothing better than visiting new cities, islands, and countries and exploring each spot's unique culture. The world is so big and we certainly have many different locations on our bucket lists. One of the most time-consuming parts of a vacation is, however, planning it! For any trip that I go on, I am almost always the one who finds the best things to see & do and the top spots to eat. Somehow, I can find a fabulous restaurant almost anywhere in the world - without ever being in that particular city. With that being said, I wanted to share what travel tools I use to plan trips - these tools will help you plan hotels, airfare, things to do, and so much more. Time to share my tricks with all of you! 

Travel tool number one: SkyScanner

Travel Tools

First, I want to start off with my favorite app/website to check flights: SkyScanner. I generally use the app, just for the aspect of it being more convenient - it is available for both the Droid & Apple operating systems. First off, I definitely recommend creating an account - this is the only way you will be able to truly take advantage of the features the app has. One of the best features are the price alerts - you will get a daily alert sent to your email and/or as a push notification to your phone with the price of whichever route you are looking to take. Another great perk of having an account is that the service stores your history - making it very easy to pick up where you leave off! This will help you keep track of the flight prices so you know exactly when to make the big step and purchase the flights for your next trip. Whenever I plan on going somewhere, the first thing I do is set up my price alerts so I can choose the best time for myself to purchase the flight. SkyScanner has the ability to check for car rentals and hotels as well, but I have only used it for flights. P.S.: The service is 100% free!

travel tool number two: Trip Advisor

Travel Tools

When booking a trip, there is nothing worse than having dozens of windows open trying to find the best price at the best hotel. This comparison can take hours and hours of your time, meanwhile, you can be planning the fun activities instead. That is why I love Trip Advisor - when searching for hotels, this travel tool gives you the prices for all of the major travel websites 

Keep in mind that this travel tool doesn't just come in handy when it comes to hotels, it also comes in handy for things to do in your specific destination. 

Travel tool number three: Google Docs

Travel Tools

You might be wondering, what am I going to do with Google Docs?! This travel tool will help you include everyone that is going on the trip in the planning stages. I would create 3 documents: Dining, Site Seeing, and Activities. By doing this you will ensure that everyone on the trip has a say in what you do and everyone will be happy. Definitely let everyone know that not everything everyone wants to do and see may be done, but this will ensure that everyone in your trip will be 100% aware of what is going to occur day by day. Don't worry, not everyone will need a Google account to edit the documents, just make sure to share the document with everyone via their email addresses. Cheers to no surprises!

travel tool number four: Utilize the Internet 

Travel Tools

This may seem obvious, but every destination has different websites dedicated to it - there isn't one website that covers every destination in the depth that you will need. By searching the internet, you will be able to take what you found on Trip Advisor and dig deeper into each activity, restaurant, etc. I find some of my best information using simple Google searches - that is how I found a restaurant with one of the best rooftop views of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Depending on where you might be headed to, we may have been there and written an article about it - take a peek! Some terms that you may want to utilize in your Google search are:

  • Trendy Restaurants *destination*
  • Top Things to do *destination*
  • Outdoor Activities *destination*
  • Brunch Spots *destination*
  • Non-Touristy Things to do *destination*
Travel Tools

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