Vandal NYC: Everything to Know About this Hotspot

Last week I wrote about the top spots that I wanted to try in the new year. I included spots like Vandal, Brooklyn, and Le Coucou - and writing the list made me so much more excited to try out all of these spots. The great thing about me trying out these spots is that you don't have to - I go to test the waters and then let you know what to do or not to do at that specific spot. Last week, a friend and I had dinner at Vandal NYC and I knew that I wanted to tell you all about it. You may recall in last week's post that I described Vandal as having a street art theme coupled with Asian influences. Vandal is both exotic and super trendy & you definitely have to check it out! Read on to gain access to my hints & tips for getting the most out of our experience at Vandal.

As the doorman opens the door to Vandal NYC, you make your way into a boutique that sells succulent bowls, which are basically tiny plants within different glass bowls. Parallel to the entrance door, you come to the door that you enter the restaurant through. With a huge, purple bunny rabbit on one side and three hostesses in front of you waiting to check you in, it is no wonder that you could certainly get overwhelmed when you walk in. Take it from me...check in first and then take some pics with the silly rabbit!

Vandal NYC

Vandal NYC Service

Whenever I go to restaurants like Vandal, I generally don't want to be bothered by the waiter or waitress multiple times. There is nothing worse than having to pause a conversation to tell your waiter or waitress that the food is good. Vandal did a perfect job balancing attentiveness with not being overbearing. Our waitress was extremely friendly and was able to answer any questions that we had regarding the menu. She gave nonbias recommendations and hit the nail on the head each time. Also, there was no need to worry, we were able to order more drinks or food via any waiter, waitress, or busboy - there was no "hold on, let me get your server".

vandal NYC Ambiance

The second that you walk through Vandal's restaurant doors, there is certainly a feeling of sensory overload. There is way more to Vandal than the upside down, purple rabbit that greets you at the door. Every wall in the restaurant is adorned with gorgeous street art murals - each mural is a little different than the last. Staying true to the street art vibes, one of the rooms within Vandal has greenery draped along the ceiling and in front of the windows - we ate in this room and we both couldn't stop looking around at everything, it was definitely mesmerizing (in a good way). There are two other main rooms in Vandal, both with gorgeous murals on the walls, but both have very different themes - one has a very chic feel and the other is bright and cheery. The moral of the story is that no matter where you sit in Vandal, your breath will be taken away by all of the decor that surrounds you. P.S.: The graffiti wall by the staircase is an optimal backdrop for pictures!

vandal NYC Food

As you can probably tell by this point, street art is one of the largest influences for Vandal's decor. There is nothing better than some delicious street food to go along with the street art. No, I do not recommend bringing in a hot dog from the cart down the block...Vandal has those on its menu! The menu is split into four sections: light, street food, large, and extras. The light options include choices like oysters, ceviche, and a mushroom salad. The street food dishes are the more popular dishes and are served "tapas" style - this is where we ordered from. I definitely recommend the Jerk Chicken Tostones, Sticky Rice Dumplings, and the Mini Burgers. Within the large section of the menu, you will find regular sized dishes, keep in mind that the sides and seasonings are a little more on the exotic side. The extras include fries and other sides - definitely recommend checking out this part of the menu!


vandal NYC drinks

As you may have already guessed, Vandal's featured cocktails are definitely on the more exotic side. If you are not up for the taste test, Vandal does feature a full bar so I'm sure the bartenders will make anything you ask for! I happen to be a huge Sauvignon Blanc lover, so I had some wine and was good to go. You may also have an issue if you prefer wines that are on the sweeter side...our waitress let us know that they only carry dry wines, so even the Riesling they offer may be too dry for you. Vandal does have your fair share of beer choices as well as some fabulous mocktails. P.S.: I had been to brunch at Vandal last spring and their bellinis were to die for!

Vandal NYC

**Just one more quick tidbit for you...get the churros for will not be disappointed!!!**

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Dinner at Vandal