Wardrobe Malfunction: How to Survive One

Last Wednesday night, I saw one of my all time favorite singers in concert: Beyoncé! I have loved her since the Destiny's Child days and this was certainly a dream come true! Queen Bey didn't let us down all night, but of course, we didn't expect anything less from the queen, herself. This proved to be true during the finale song (which was "Halo", btw!), when her bodysuit ripped. The queen that is Beyoncé kept going as if nothing happened, her hand was just attached to her hip so it didn't get worse. Of course, this got me thinking, if Beyoncé could have a wardrobe malfunction, any of us can - so read on to see what we should all be carrying around in case of a wardrobe issue! 

Wardrobe Malfunction Tips:

  1. Tide to Go - This may seem obvious, but always double check to make sure you have it - especially during the summer when wearing lighter colors is always a given! 
  2. Sewing Scissors - Ok, this is not because I expect you to start sewing your baby niece a sweater during brunch, it is for that off moment when you may snag your sweater or a thread becomes loose on your shorts. There is nothing worse than being out all day and having a thread hanging - it is like a pimple on your nose, you will feel it is the first thing people notice. 
  3. Double Stick Tape - If you're like me, you may think your bra fits perfectly under that sexy top, but once you leave the house, you realize that it is the farthest thing from perfect. Carrying around some double stick tape will be sure to solve any possible peeping issues! 
  4. Bobby Pins - These may not help most wardrobe emergencies, but these will definitely help when it comes to a windy day or that pesky piece of hair that won't stay in place. There is nothing worse than a hair malfunction! 
  5. Safety Pins - I think I have carried these around ever since I started using a purse - and they certainly come in handy! Anytime there is a small rip in what I am wearing or I need to cuff my pants, these always are my go to!  
Wardrobe Malfunction

Now, look at that smile on Queen Bey's face - she had a wardrobe malfunction in front of thousands of people and she isn't even worried one bit that her bodysuit will rip even further and possibly expose things that aren't supposed to be exposed! Remember that next time you get a snag, rip, or stain on your outfit!  

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