What to Wear in the Hamptons for Memorial Day Weekend

If, like us, you live in the New York, New Jersey area - you have most likely either been invited or have actually gone to a Memorial Day party in the Hamptons. The parties are fab and memorable and it is the fashion that really matters. It is certainly not a t-shirt and jeans kind of event! We have narrowed down looks for both the ever-famous white party and a party that starts at noon and goes into the wee-hours of the morning. See you in the Hamptons!

Hamptons Memorial Day Fashion 

Back in 1998, Diddy moved to East Hampton and hosted his first-ever white party - these parties became extremely well-known and were soon dubbed one of the most stylish days in history. The dress code was, of course, all white - and was strictly enforced. Diddy didn't care who you were, if you were wearing anything but white, you were not allowed in. Almost 20 years later, white parties have become a normal existence in our culture and are generally thrown any time during the summer - it doesn't necessarily have to surround a holiday. So, if you are headed to the Hamptons (or anywhere!) for Memorial Day Weekend and are attending a white party, we have some options for you!

All-white options featuring Tobi

Left Look: I paired the Halter Midi Dress with a pair of Vince Camuto wedges and some jewelry from One Oak by Sara. I kept the jewels simple by just adding two bracelets - with the halter neckline you don't want to add any jewelry and you also want to keep it simple so you aren't uncomfortable if it gets to warm out.

Right Look: I paired the fab, Trapeze Romper with a pair of Michael Kors flats and jewelry from J. Crew as well as One Oak by Sara. The sparkly, J. Crew necklace adds a little something extra to an otherwise casual outfit. The Michael Kors flats have a rope detail which screams boat season in the Hamptons!

Memorial Day White Party Option One: A fab, tailored top with an open back paired with destroyed step hem skinny jeans and finished off with a classy heel.

Memorial Day White Party Option Two: A bohemian dress paired with the ever present choker and a pair of heeled mules.

Day Time and Night Time Looks Featuring Tobi:

If you are headed to an all day event, the easiest option, in my opinion, is to throw on a casual but chic daytime dress that you can wear all day. The Everlasting Sienna Dress has an easy, breezy silhouette that is a perfect option to beat the heat while still looking stylish and pulled together. Whether you are attending an all out extravaganza at someone's compound or you are spending your day at one of Hampton's many hot spots, an easy daytime dress is a must have. For night time you will undoubtedly want to turn up the heat a few notches and you can never go wrong with a little black dress. The Kasey Shift Dress by Tobi comes fully equipped with a built in choker so all you have to worry about is adding on shoes and other accessories. 

Additional Memorial Day All Day & All Night Time Options That Won't Disappoint-Try a Denim Wrap Dress with espadrilles for a casual trendy look or if you want to take on a more sophisticated role this all white jumpsuit with a killer heel is another great option.

No matter which party you are attending or what you decide to wear, we hope that you let Memorial Day weekend be an unforgettable start to your summer!

Live Fab, Repeat-XO Kathy & Rebecca

Hamptons Memorial Day Fashion

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