Why Your Relationship With You Matters the Most

Relationships. We all have them. We have all different kinds of them. From relationships with parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends, colleagues, significant others and everyone in between we have them. They are beautiful and amazing and can be ugly and miserable. It all really depends on you, the other person, and oftentimes your circumstances. One thing is for sure though-out of all of the relationships that you have in your life, the one that you have with yourself is the most important.

Here's why your relationship with you matters most.

1. No One Can Fulfill You But You

This may sound like a buzz kill but it's the truth. You are the only person that can get you to where you want to go. You are the only person that will have to put in the work to get to your goals. No one can do it for you. Sure, you can seek guidance and if you're lucky you will have some amazing mentors along the way but at the end of the day you will have to do it yourself. You will have to fulfill you.

Don't look towards external sources for fulfillment-real, deep fulfillment only comes from within.

Your Relationship With You

2. Your Relationship With You Should Come First

Putting yourself first doesn't mean doing so at the detriment of others. It just means that you will not tend to other people's needs in life before you tend to your own. You may be saying to yourself, well that sounds pretty selfish and at first glance it seems that way. The reality is that you can't allow other people's wants and needs to take priority over your own. You have to be your own number one advocate in life and you must create healthy boundaries for the people around you.

If you constantly run yourself rampant for others, constantly put your own wants and needs last, you are not at all doing yourself any favors. Your relationship with you sets the tone for the way everyone around you in your life will treat you. You want to make sure you are setting the right tone.  It takes time to figure out how to set this tone and how to manage the delicate balance of prioritizing the people in your life that you love, but it can be done!

Learning that it's ok to say no, and that you can't be all things to all people is perfectly ok. You will see that people will have more respect for you when they see that you are strong, and that although you are kind, you are not weak and you won't be taken advanatage of.

 You can be kind and helpful,  you can do favors for your family and friends,  you can be selfless and generous, but don't lose yourself along the way. Remain true to you.  Remember, you can't really take care of anyone else or love anyone else 100% unless you are taking care of you and loving you first.

Your Relationship With You Carrie Bradshaw

3. Love & Trust Yourself

Take the time to get to know yourself. Think about what you do well and get even better at it. Think about the things your really don't like about yourself, and commit to working on whatever they are.

Be honest with yourself. Self-awareness is so important when it comes to learning how to love and trust yourself. If self-awareness is something that you struggle with breaking through your own walls will be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Another thing that no one can do for you but you. 

 If there are things about yourself that you don't like-change them. You have to live with yourself for a lifetime and you will evolve and grow as a person over time. What you consider super important in your 20's will not be as important to you in your 30's-trust me.

By the time you enter your 40's you will have a completely different set of priorities as well as a totally different perspective on life. Perspective that only comes after years of successes and triumphs, failures and breakdowns, and everything else in between. 

 As you go through the various stages of your life you will see that the only thing that is constant in life is the one thing that we as human beings constantly try to resist-change. Learn how to embrace change, and allow it to challenge you. If you allow yourself to live and ruminate in the past you simply stagnate. And let's be serious, there is nothing good that comes out of stagnation. 

Life is way too short to the leave the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket.  Grab the keys and go.....

Live Fab Repeat-XO Kathy

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