Wine Bar in Philly: Tria Cafe

Philadelphia may be known to have all of the trendy chain restaurants at your fingertips like Serafina, Chima, etc - but that doesn't mean that the City of Brotherly Love doesn't have its own hidden gems! Every October, I go to Philly for a weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and it is always my goal to find trendy restaurants that I am not able to find in New York City. This is definitely hard since almost every restaurant I find in Philly has a counterpart in NYC, but I happen to be quite the researcher and always come up with an unforgettable spot to celebrate my sister's birthday. In one of my searches, I found Tria Cafe - the ultimate wine, beer, and cheese bar! I knew that this is a spot that both my sister and I would enjoy since I love wine, she loves beer, and we both love cheese - it was a win-win situation for both of us! I break down the top wine bar in Philly after the jump.

The owners of Tria Cafe describe the cafe as a place for people to relax with friends while enjoying fabulous wine, beer, and cheese. There are no TV's, karaoke, entertainment, or anything of the like. It is truly a spot to catch up with friends with no distractions.  

What, originally, peaked my interest in Tria Cafe? 

It's European style. Yes, they have a full gourmet cheese menu, but, in addition, there is also a menu of light salads, sandwiches, etc - something to please everyone. None of the portions are too big - they are the perfect size to compliment your exotic glass of wine. Imagine yourself sitting outside at a cafe in a piazza (square) in Italy and that is exactly the vibe you feel at Tria Cafe (minus the hot Italian men, and the outdoor seating!).  

Wine Selection 

Tria Cafe offers wine from all different countries - think Spain, Italy, France, Austria, USA, and so many more! The cafe offers a collection of whites & reds that are categorized on the menu by taste - making it very easy to make your decision. When I went to Tria Cafe, I enjoyed the Domaine de la Potine Sauvignon Blanc from Loire, France. 

Beer Selection 

I am certainly not a fan of beer, but my sister enjoys craft beer just like the rest of them! After looking at the menu, she knew that she wanted a beer on draft, but since Tria's offerings aren't beers that are mass-market (Heineken, Bud Light, Yuengling, etc), she wasn't 100% sure what she wanted and what she would enjoy. The bartender was extremely helpful and explained the tastes of all the draft beer and let my sister taste the beer before giving her a full pour. Needless to say, my sister has a second beer. 

Wine Bar in Philly

Long story short? If you love wine, beer, and/or cheese - I highly recommend you give this wine bar in Philly a try!

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