Winter Travel Do's and Don'ts

It is no surprise that The Sophisticato loves to travel and see new places and cultures. There is nothing better than spending time in an enchanted city basking in all the wonderful things that make that city unique...BRB while I go day dream...OK, I'm back! A lot of times it is the time of year that can make a specific destination more desirable...Mykonos, Greece is great in the summer...Miami, Florida is a perfect winter getaway...the Swiss Alps are meant to be traveled in the winter...the list can go on and on! Of course, with every time of year, there are different travel hurdles...during the summer & fall you can run into hurricane season...during the spring your warm weather destination may be having a cold front...and during the winter, you run into that possibility of snow. Now that we are into winter getaway season, I figured I would round up some winter travel do's and don'ts. You can never be too prepared!

Winter Travel Do's

  1. DO stay on top of the weather at both your departure and arrival cities
  2. DO make sure to connect in warmer cities - you have a better chance of avoiding bad weather this way
  3. DO dress in layers - especially if you are traveling between different climates
  4. DO be prepared for crowds, with multiple holidays within the winter, airports will be more crowded
  5. DO prepare your shoes for any possible inclement weather - spraying some water resistant spray definitely won't hurt
  6. DO prepare yourself for flight delays - cold weather, snow, & wind don't make for perfect travel conditions

Winter Travel Don'ts

  1. DON'T get travel insurance if you're only getting it for weather coverage, most don't cover this - read the fine print
  2. DON'T travel on a holiday - the day before and after President's Day weekend will save you money
  3. DON'T overpack on the sweaters - remember sweaters are perfect layering tools so you can wear them more than once
  4. DON'T forget your coat on the plane - this can certainly happen if you are going from somewhere cold to somewhere warm
  5. DON'T get sunburned - this should go for any trip, but there is nothing worse than having to wear long sleeves and pants on your fresh sunburns

DO travel - DON'T let any bad weather get you down!

The moral of the story is to always enjoy your travels. You can prepare for anything, but be sure to remember that there are still so many things out of your control. Whether your travels bring you to new destinations, some of the same, or to family - it is always the destination that matters. My mentality always is that if there are a few hiccups along the way, it makes the destination that much more worth it. Do you have any travel plans for the winter? I've got some up my sleeve ;)

P.S.: If you're looking for more travel tools, we have a ton right here!

Live fab, repeat! XO, Rebecca

Winter Travel Do's and Don'ts

Winter Travel Do's and Don'ts