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The Sophisticato is lifestyle blog inspired by the good life. The journey began when two long term friends and colleagues met back in 2011. Kathy and Rebecca were both working in the fast-paced fashion industry in New York. As they were furthering their careers and trying to balance their super busy social calendars, they came to a simple but powerful realization-that there had to be a better way of life. Besides their shared interests, both Kathy & Rebecca wanted to have lives where they could lead a more freedom based lifestyle while helping others to do the same.  They both wanted to pursue their passions while leading enriching & fulfilling lives and sharing them with their friends and family - and now with all of you. This was the inspiration behind "The Sophisticato". If you choose to join the journey  you will be the first to be immersed in our personal stories along with our favorite things when it comes to fashion, traveling, lifestyle, pop culture, and so much more. Join us on the  journey and remember to always Live Fab & Repeat. XOXO K & R



  1. I'm obsessed with cats - all shapes and sizes.... 
  2. I play the piano from the classics to good old rock and roll 
  3. I love to ski and NEED to do it more often 
  4. I am addicted to bronzer, all types from Laura Mercier to Nars to Mac - for me it's like Amex-I NEVER leave home without it!!! 
  5. I am a freelance writer
  6. I absolutely LOVE to travel 
  7. I live in Athens, Greece
  8. I dated a famous fashion designer (name will remain classified until further notice) 
  9. I am THE problem solver - no matter what the situation I always find a way to make things work 
  10. One slogan that I KNOW to be true and absolutely LIVE by is: "Where there's a will there is ALWAYS a way! 
  11. I miss my family in New York desperately
  12. My happy place and most favorite Greek island is the island of Mykonos 
  13. I love fine dining and elegant conversation with total and complete strangers 
  14. Hotel Lobby's fascinate me 
  15. I love Thursday's-why I don't really know-I just do


  1. I've been to Disney World over 25 times 

  2. I only wear black socks 

  3. I never wear sneakers, except for working out 

  4. I swear by Fiji water - I dream of going to Fiji for this reason 

  5. My nails are never bare 

  6. I've been to 20 different countries 

  7. I have an obsession with the Kardashians 

  8. I have seen every episode of Law and Order: SVU - multiple times 

  9. I love almost all of my food super well done 

  10. I graduated school with a Fashion Merchandising degree 

  11. My make up looks the same day or night 

  12. My hair is always down & straight unless I get a blow out 

  13. I've always dreamed of living abroad for a year 

  14. I was forced to go parasailing once....& I actually enjoyed it 

  15. I love designing websites in my free time 

  16. I've seen Mamma Mia on Broadway three times 

  17. A giraffe saw me naked once, I haven't like giraffes since 

  18. I will never forget the day I saw Beyonce & Jay-Z in Soho 

  19. I have no sense of direction 

  20. I can be overly emotional